The Handbook of Horses and Donkeys, Introduction to Ownership and Care

Horses and donkeys continue to be important to most societies as either recreational or working animals. Presenting a broad coverage of topics relating to horse and donkey ownership, The Handbook of Horses and Donkeys is an introductory guide providing expert advice on current ethical management practices.

The history, evolution and domestication of equids is covered, along with equine anatomy and physiology, nutrition, behaviour, learning and cognition, communication, equine health and disease, hoof care, first aid, parasitic infections, preventive measures, pregnancy and foal management.

The book is practical, guiding the reader towards good management and best practice. Functional topics are also covered, including body condition scoring, estimating body weight, calculating dietary rations, stabling, pasture advice and management of abnormal behaviours and stereotypies. The approach is holistic, with a global perspective of the care and different uses of equines worldwide and of equine health in relation to the global spread of infection and diseases.

The information presented is expert-led but written in an informative and accessible way, designed to be applicable to the novice or experienced owner.

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