Bill’s Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Veterinary Technicians, 5th Edition

Bill'S Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics For Veterinary Technicians, 5Th Edition Pdf

By Melinda Anderson

Bill’s Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Veterinary Technicians PDF helps you understand the principles and practice of pharmacology in treating different animal species. The text explains how drugs work, how they are administered, and how to calculate drug dosages. Covering drugs by body system, the book also explains possible abuses, mistakes, and how things can go wrong when therapeutic protocols are not properly implemented. From veterinary pharmacist and educator Melinda “Mindy” Anderson, this fifth edition helps you provide better care for your patients and better education for their owners.

  • Content on basic pharmacology includes topics such as safety, terminology, pharmacy procedures, drug handling (including the latest OSHA requirements), dosage calculations, and pharmacokinetics.
  • Chapter outlines, learning objectives, and key terms are provided at the beginning of each chapter, introducing you to the complex principles of pharmacology and guiding your study.
  • Clear explanations of drugs help you understand the “how” and “why” behind drugs, their actions, their mechanisms, and adverse effects.
  • Myths and Misconceptions, Ask Dr. Bill, and You Need to Know boxes spotlight key issues, concepts, and skills.
  • Clinical applications link pharmacologic concepts to real-life situations.
  • Review questions and critical thinking questions are included at the end of every chapter to help readers test their comprehension.
  • Test questions and online quizzes enable self-assessment and help you prepare for classroom and certification exams.
Table of Contents
  1. Veterinary Pharmacology and the Veterinary Technician
  2. Pharmacy Procedures and Dosage Calculations
  3. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: The Principles of How Drugs Work
  4. Drugs Affecting the Gastrointestinal Tract
  5. Drugs Affecting the Cardiovascular System
  6. Drugs Affecting the Respiratory System
  7. Drugs Affecting the Endocrine System
  8. Drugs Affecting the Nervous System: Analgesics, Tranquilizers, Sedatives, and Anesthetics
  9. Drugs Affecting the Nervous System: Anticonvulsants and Behavior-Modifying Drugs
  10. Disinfectants and Antiseptics
  11. Antiparasitics
  12. Antiinflammatory Drugs

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