Nanobiotechnology for the Livestock Industry


Nanobiotechnology For The Livestock Industry

By Ravindra Pratap Singh, Charles Oluwaseun Adetunji, Ram Lakhan Singh, Jay Singh, Pratima R. Solanki and Kshitij RB Singh

Nanobiotechnology for the Livestock Industry: Animal Health and Nutrition PDF delivers a multidisciplinary reference of nanobiotechnology applications in various sectors, including farming practices, healthcare and breeding practices, market and economic analysis/benefits, biosafety, regulation, and more. The book explores nanobiotechnology’s role in livestock handling, including hygiene maintenance and feed/nutrient delivery. The book also examines nanobiotechnology’s role in maintaining nutrient quality in food products, and covers healthcare practices utilizing nanobiotechnology, such as maintaining and monitoring livestock health, diagnosis and treatment of disease, monitoring drug delivery, optimizing breeding patterns, and cryopreservation of sperm and eggs.


  • Discusses livestock diseases and major handling mistakes in livestock treatment and potential solutions
  • Provides detailed explanations of food safety technologies and food regulation policies
  • Presents a detailed analysis of market growth and trends related to the livestock industry
  • Includes biosafety and bioregulation of the nanobiotechnological tools used to produce transgenic animals
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction: Nanobiotechnology for Livestock Industry
  2. Advances in livestock handling practices
  3. Role of nanobiotechnology in maintaining a hygienic environment for the livestock
  4. Role of nanobiotechnology in maintaining a sterile environment for the livestock care management people
  5. Biological nanocarriers for nutrient delivery
  6. Potentialities of nanobiotechnology in nutrient management in the livestock products
  7. Introduction to numerous diseases of the livestock
  8. Nanobiotechnology potential for creating various diagnostic approaches for diseases in livestock
  9. Nanobiotechnology potentialities for the treatment of various livestock diseases
  10. Role of Nanomedicine for targeted drug delivery in livestock
  11. Advances in nanobiotechnology for improving traditional veterinary medicines
  12. Breeding technologies utilizing nanobiotechnology
  13. Bionanomaterials utility for enhancing fertility
  14. Nanobiotechnological in advancements in reproductive biotechnology
  15. Potentialities of nanobiotechnology for creating preservatives for packaging
  16. Livestock industry market trend and analysis
  17. Patents based on nanobiotechnology applications in the livestock industry
  18. Advantages of using nanobiotechnology in enhancing the economic status of the country
  19. Biosafety aspects in nanobiotechnology for livestock industries utility
  20. Bioregulation of nanobiotechnological based products
  21. Ethical issues regarding the use of nanobiotechnology-based products
  22. Prospects of nanobiotechnological applications for the livestock industry

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