Avian Surgical Anatomy and Orthopedic Management, 2nd Edition

Avian Surgical Anatomy And Orthopedic Management, 2Nd Edition

By Susan Orosz, Scott Echols and Patrick Redig

Avian Surgical Anatomy and Orthopedic Management, 2nd Edition PDF recaptures the musculoskeletal anatomy of the original work and expands the scope to include comprehensive coverage for the clinical management of common fractures of the long bones of birds, primarily raptors. The procedures described have been honed over two decades of development and refinement by clinicians at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. In addition, we have included details of the vascular anatomy of the limbs, further informing the surgeon and clinician.

The class Aves includes thousands of species with countless anatomic variations. Although it is impractical to represent every species, birds commonly encountered in private practice and rehabilitation medicine including poultry, pigeons, parrots and birds of prey were chosen for this book. Details of the vascular anatomy of the limbs were obtained by high resolution digital computed tomography imaging of the appendicular skeleton of several diverse bird species. These images provide a unique comparative aspect that clinicians will find useful in conducting surgical procedures.

The new information in Avian Surgical Anatomy and Orthopedic Management 2nd Edition is intended to help the reader better understand skeletal and vascular anatomy, and thus improve interpretation, reporting of findings, treatment and teaching. This new information is intended to help the reader better understand relationships between musculoskeletal and vascular anatomy, helping the surgeon preserve vasculature during complex orthopedic procedures. It is our hope that it will enrich the interpretation, reporting of findings, development of treatment methods and the teaching of management procedures for orthopedic issues in birds.

Since publication of the first edition, numerous advances have been made and published relative to avian orthopedics. In this edition, you will find comprehensive discussion of orthopedic conditions, and clinical management that represents best treatment options and current practices. The title of the book has been changed to reflect inclusion of that information.

As our knowledge of avian anatomy, health and disease progresses, so does the need for improved resources that convey this valuable information. Over time the information contained herein will also need to be expanded and updated. The authors humbly submit this work to the veterinary and scientific community for review and scrutiny. We hope that it will contribute to the betterment of avian care.

Table of Contents

1. Scope of This Book

2. Anatomic Form and Function

3. Overview of Fracture Management

4. General Considerations for Management of Fractures: Methods and Materials

5. Anatomy of the Shoulder Girdle and Wing

6. Management of Wing Fractures

7. Anatomy of the Pelvic Girdle and Leg

8. Surgical Approaches to the Leg

9. Post-operative Management of the Orthopedic Patient

10. Digital Radiographs of the Limbs

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