Integrating Horses Into Healing

Integrating Horses Into Healing

By Cheryl Meola

Written by experts and founders in the world of equine assisted services (EAS), Integrating Horses into Healing: A Comprehensive Guide to Equine Assisted Services is an all-inclusive, hands-on guide for any practitioner, researcher, or student interested in EAS. The book provides a wealth of knowledge, including perspectives from therapy and coaching practitioners, equine professionals, veterinarians, researchers, clients, board members, and founders of the EAS industry. These diverse perspectives offer a depth and insight that make this a go-to guide for EAS practitioners and researchers. The focus of the book is on the ethical incorporation of equines into different therapy modalities. The well-being of the equine as well as the practitioner team is addressed, as well as sustainability and health within a for-profit and non-profit structure.

  • Offers ethical practices for integrating equine assisted services into therapies, coaching, and other services.
  • Provides a foundational introduction to the benefits and practices of equine assisted services
  • Discusses business and legal considerations for EAS ventures
Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Equine Assisted Services and the Healing Nature of Horses

1. The Natural Therapeutic Aspects of Horses

2. The Evolution of Equine Assisted Services: Horse are Good for People

3. Horse Speak and Partnership

II. Office to Farm: Incorporating the Horse into the Healing Process

4. Relational Equine-Partnered Counseling (REPC)

5. An In-Depth Approach to Relational Work with Equines: Natural Lifemanship

6. Breathing into Relationships: The Human-Equine Relational Development (HERD) Approach to Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

7. Side to Side Astride: The Benefits and Challenges of Equine Mounted Work in Trauma Processing

8. Integrating Equine Engaged Internal Family Systems (EE-IFS) and Equine Connected Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EC-EMDR) into the Natural Lifemanship Practice of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

9. Medical Therapy (OT, PT, SLP) Enhanced with Hippotherapy

10. The Equus Effect- An Integrated Approach to Nervous System Regulation through Equine Assisted Learning

11. Serving Those Who Served…. and Still Serve

12. Beyond Mind and Body: Spiritual Connections in Equine Assisted Services

III. Impact of Equine Assisted Services on Equines

13. Be the Horse’s Advocate

14. Enhancing the Horse’s Voice: Incorporating Horse Speak into Therapy

15. Exploring the Social-Emotional and Cognitive Development in Horses

16. Not Just Horsing Around: An Equine Professional’s Guiding Principles

17. The Role of the Equine Professional in Equine Assisted Services

18. Heart Centered Horsemanship: A Horse Trainer’s Perspective

19. A Holistic Perspective: My Transformative Journey Through Natural Lifemanship

IV. Practitioner Wellness

20. Are We There Yet? The Ongoing Journey of Healing for Healers

21. Mental Health and Wellbeing for EAS Professionals

V. The Sustainability of EAS: from Practitioner to Program to Industry

22. What Happens When you Put the Cart Before the Horse?

23. The Keys to a Successful Non-Profit Board

24. How do you Know it Works: Program Evaluation in EAS

25. How is Equine Assisted Research Important to my Practice?

26. Conclusions and Future Direction

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