Equine Thermography In Practice 2nd Edition

Equine Thermography In Practice 2Nd Edition

By Maria Soroko and Mina C. G. Davies Morel

Equine Thermography In Practice 2nd Edition PDF  discusses how to use the tool in the diagnosis of equine musculoskeletal injuries. It covers what the user can expect to see in normal versus injured horses, and gives guidelines for best practice. The book builds from basics covering the principles of thermography, then reviews its applications in equine veterinary medicine and the role of the technique regarding equestrian athletes and rehabilitation.

Fully updated throughout with new references and additional illustrative case studies, this new edition:

  • Covers advances made in thermography applications for rehabilitation, such as assessing the effectiveness of physical devices like lasers, magnetic therapy, shock wave therapy and cryotherapy with additional updated references
  • Includes new cases and thermographic images to illustrate improvements in the technology
  • Updates knowledge on thermographic imaging technology.

Extensively illustrated and thoroughly referenced, this book is indispensable for both novice and experienced practitioners using the technique, including equine veterinarians, and equine physiotherapists and body work practitioners.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

Principles of equine thermography.

Fundamentals of thermographic examination.

Interpretation of thermographic images and the normal superficial temperature distribution of the horse.

Development of equine thermography and its use in equestrianism.

Use of thermography in physiotherapy.

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