Atlas of Canine Arthrology: Updated Edition with 3D Animations

Atlas of Canine Arthrology: Updated Edition with 3D Animations

By Jesús Laborda Val, Julio Gil García, Miguel Gimeno Domínguez, Javier Nuviala Ortín and Amaia Unzueta Galarza

Atlas of Canine Arthrology: Updated Edition PDF with 3D Animations. In this practical atlas, the description of the anatomy of the dog’s joints provided in the previous edition has been completed and complemented with new tools, 3D animations, and self-evaluation tests that will help readers acquire knowledge and form a better understanding of joint anatomy and function – elements of great importance for each dog’s physical health and well-being.

Table of Contents

1- General aspects.

Angles and joints

Characteristics of articular cartilage

Ossification of the thoracic limb

Ossification of the pelvic limb

Characteristics of the synovial joint

2- Head and axial region.

Joints of the head

Joints of the vertebral column

Joints between vertebrae and ribs

Joints of the sternum

Joints of the thoracic limb

Joints of the pelvic limb


3- Thoracic limb.



4- Pelvic limb.



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