Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: A Psycho-Criminological Understanding


Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: A Psycho-Criminological Understanding

Animal Abuse And Interpersonal Violence: A Psycho-Criminological Understanding

By Heng Choon (Oliver) Chan and Rebecca W. Y. Wong

Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: A Psycho-Criminological Understanding PDF addresses the many aspects of the link between animal cruelty and human violence. Presenting new theory, research, policy, and practice, this authoritative volume explores the subject through a psycho-criminological lens to describe, explain, and potentially prevent intentional behavior that causes pain, suffering, or death in animals and humans.

With an integrated theoretical-practical approach, Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence offers up-to-date research and provides real-world insights into current thinking in the study of animal abuse and interpersonal violence. Sixteen in-depth chapters by a multidisciplinary team of active researchers and experienced field practitioners examine central topics in the field, including different forms of animal exploitation, connections between animal cruelty and substance abuse, the association between childhood animal cruelty and adult interpersonal violence, the role of veterinarians in the identification of animal abuse cases, the complex legal aspects of animal abuse cases, and more.

  • Advances scholarship on animal abuse, its relationship with interpersonal violence, and the psycho-criminological mechanisms involved in that relationship
  • Introduces readers to contemporary research on a range of topics and issues related to animal abuse and interpersonal violence
  • Examines the origins of animal cruelty, its societal implications, and various prevention and treatment approaches
  • Defines and describes various types of animal maltreatment and their links to different forms of interpersonal violence

Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: A Psycho-Criminological Understanding is essential reading for practitioners, researchers, scholars, and advanced students in fields such as behavioral science, law, criminology, veterinary forensics, criminal justice, law enforcement, social work, sociology, social sciences, education, and animal welfare.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: A Psycho-Criminological Understanding of Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence

Part 1: Theory and Research

2. Animal Abuse: Beyond Companion Animals and Domestic Households

3. The Animal Cruelty-Delinquency Relationship: Violence Graduation, Deviance Generalization, or Antecedent Lifestyle?

4. Animal Cruelty and the Development of “Link” Research between Nonhuman and Human Violence

5. Attitudes toward Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Relating

6. Toward a Classification of Animal Maltreatment

7. How Animal Abuse Is Related to Interpersonal Violence: A Review of Research in Turkey

8. Dog Ownership, Love, and Violentization among Young People in the United Kingdom

9. Instrumental Harm toward Animals in a Milgram-like Experiment in France: The Role of Nonpathological Personality Traits

Part 2: Policy and Practice

10. Animal Cruelty, the Link to Interpersonal Violence, and the Law

11. Bestiality: Understanding Sex with Animals and Its Forensic Relevance

12. The Role of Veterinarians in the Recognition of Animal Cruelty: Lessons from a Pilot Study in the Netherlands

13. Animal Abuse, Control, and Intimate Partner Violence

14. Substance Abuse and Animal Maltreatment: An Overlooked Opportunity for Intervention?

15. The Impact of Discretion in the Criminal Justice System on Animal Cruelty Prosecutions in Hong Kong

16. Conclusion


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