Athymic Nude Rat Brain Atlas


Athymic Nude Rat Brain Atlas

Athymic Nude Rat Brain Atlas

By Bengt Mattsson, Malin Parmar and Anders Björklund

Athymic Nude Rat Brain Atlas PDF will provide the first stereotaxic brain atlas of the athymic nude rat (Crl:NIH-Foxn1rnu), a T-cell deficient rat model commonly used in experimental studies and pre-clinical safety and efficacy studies. This 2D vector-based atlas contains coronal, sagittal, and horizontal brain sections of an athymic rat brain rendered from a single cleared specimen, placed in a computerized 3D environment. The maps enable readers to better calculate co-ordinates to target specific structures for toxin, virus, or cell delivery using stereotaxic surgery. This atlas will be a valuable resource for any neuroscientist who wishes to work with nude rats in experimental and pre-clinical studies.

  • Contains coronal, sagittal, and horizontal maps of young adult athymic nude rat brain, spaced with a distance of 0.2 or 0.25 mm
  • Uses “flat skull” Bregma and Lambda as anatomical landmarks for correct placement in the 3D environment
  • Anatomical structures and nomenclature follow the standard set by the Paxinos and Watson rat brain atlases
  • Includes a map of the dopamine projection system as well as the distribution of the A8-A14 dopamine cell groups
  • Allows for easy read-out of coordinates for precise injections using stereotactic surgery
Table of Contents

Part 1: Coronal sections
Part 2: Horizontal sections
Part 3: Sagittal sections

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