Nerve and Muscle, 4th Edition


Nerve and Muscle, 4th Edition

Nerve And Muscle 4Th Edition

By Richard D. Keynes

Nerve and Muscle 4th Edition PDF is Written with undergraduate students in mind, the new edition of this classic textbook provides a compact introduction to the physiology of nerve and muscle. It gives a straightforward account of the fundamentals accompanied by some of the experimental evidence upon which this understanding is based. It first explores the nature of nerve impulses, clarifying their mechanisms in terms of ion flow through molecular channels in cell membranes. There then follows an account of the synaptic transmission processes by which one excitable cell influences activity in another. Finally, the emphasis turns to the consequences of excitable activity in the activation of contraction in skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle, highlighting the relationships between cellular structure and function. Nerve and Muscle 4th Edition PDF includes new material on the molecular nature of ion channels, the activation of skeletal muscle and the function of cardiac and smooth muscle, reflecting exciting new developments in these rapidly growing fields.

Table of Contents
  • Frontmatter
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 – Structural organization of the nervous system
  • Chapter 2 – Resting and action potential
  • Chapter 3 – The ionic permeability of the nerve membrane
  • Chapter 4 – Membrane permeability changes during excitation
  • Chapter 5 – Voltage-gated ion channels
  • Chapter 6 – Cable theory and saltatory conduction
  • Chapter 7 – Neuromuscular transmission
  • Chapter 8 – Synaptic transmission in the nervous system
  • Chapter 9 – The mechanism of contraction in skeletal muscle
  • Chapter 10 – The activation of skeletal muscle
  • Chapter 11 – Contractile function in skeletal muscle
  • Chapter 12 – Cardiac muscle
  • Chapter 13 – Smooth muscle
  • Further reading
  • References

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