Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 5th Edition


Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 5th Edition

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia And Analgesia, 5Th Edition

By Paul Flecknell

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia 5th Edition PDF provides an essential guide to anesthesia for a very diverse audience involved in animal testing. This has been the go-to resource for current, clear, evidence-based information for over 30 years. The book is divided into four parts that deal with preparation for anesthesia, including definitions, equipment, preparations, anesthetic and analgesic agents, the management and monitoring of anesthesia, including pre-procedural preparations, monitoring and problems and emergencies through the procedure, advanced and specialized techniques, and analgesia and post-operative care, including recovery and the prevention and management of post-operative pain.

Final sections cover anesthesia in common laboratory species, specifically: rodents, rabbits, cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs, sheep and goats, primates, reptiles, amphibians and new specific chapters on birds, fish and cephalopods. This edition keeps up with the tradition of bringing a balanced dose of practical advice, foundational content, and current, updated references, drugs and procedures to veterinarians, technicians, researchers and ethics committee personnel.

Table of Contents
  1. An introduction to Anaesthesia and Anaesthetic Equipment
  2. Anaesthetic agents
  3. Monitoring and Managing Anaesthesia
  4. Specialised techniques
  5. Analgesia and Post-operative care
  6. Anaesthesia of Common Laboratory Species


  • Physiological data
  • Estimation of use of inhalational agents and carrier gases
  • Calculations of dilutions of anaesthetic mixtures for small rodents
  • Manufacturers of equipment and other items illustrated or cited in the text

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