The IACUC Handbook 3rd Edition

The IACUC Handbook 3rd Edition pdf

By Jerald Silverman, Mark A. Suckow and Sreekant Murthy

Ever since its establishment by USDA regulation in the mid-1980s, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has evolved as the premier instrument of animal welfare oversight within research institutions in the United States. As biomedical research continuously grows, the role and impact of the IACUC has increased in scope and complexity. The IACUC Handbook has become “the Bible” for individuals when the time comes for them to serve on their institution’s IACUC. It provides a foundation for understanding and implementing the many and varied responsibilities of this committee.

This Third Edition comprehensively addresses the significant changes in the pertinent regulatory environment and interpretation of applicable federal laws, regulations, and policies. It provides multiple references and commentary on the new edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the new AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2013 Edition, and the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare’s Frequently Asked Questions. The Third Edition also features an updated survey of IACUC practices from institutions around the United States, offering wisdom gained from their experience. In addition, it includes a chapter that provides an international perspective on how animal welfare reviews can function in other countries.

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Table of Contents
Introduction to the Third Edition
Patricia A. Brown and Chester A. Gipson

Origins of the IACUC
Harry Rozmiarek

Circumstances Requiring an IACUC
Marcy Brown and Mary Jo Shepherd

Creation of an IACUC
Marcy Brown and Mary Jo Shepherd

Reporting Lines of the IACUC
Marcy Brown and Mary Jo Shepherd

General Composition of the IACUC and Specific Roles of the IACUC Members
Christian E. Newcomer and William G. Greer

Frequency and Conduct of Regular IACUC Meetings
Sreekant Murthy

General Format of IACUC Protocol Forms
Christian E. Newcomer and William G. Greer

Submission and Maintenance of IACUC Protocols
Kathy Laber and Alison C. Smith

General Concepts of Protocol Review
Ernest D. Prentice, Gwenn S. F. Oki, and Michael D. Mann

Amending IACUC Protocols
Angela M. Mexas and Diane J. Gaertner

Continuing Review of Protocols
Gwenn S.F. Oki and Ernest D. Prentice

Justification for the Use of Animals
Larry Carbone

Justification of the Number of Animals to Be Used
Ed J. Gracely

Animal Acquisition and Disposition
Michael J. Huerkamp, Larry Iten, and David R. Archer

Animal Housing, Use Sites, and Transportation
Robert M. Bigsby and Robin Crisler-Roberts

Pain and Distress
Alicia Z. Karas and Jerald Silverman

Peggy J. Danneman

Lester L. Rolf, Jr.

Antigens, Antibodies, and Blood Collection
Harold F. Stills, Jr.

Occupational Health and Safety
Robin Lyn Trundy and Susan Stein Cook

Personnel Training
Howard G. Rush and Melissa C. Dyson

Confidential and Proprietary Information
Marilyn J. Chimes and Priya Sankar

General Concepts of the Program Review and Facility Inspection
Joseph D. Thulin and Kenneth P. Allen

Inspection of Animal Housing Areas
Christine A. Boehm and Debra L. Hickman

Inspection of Individual Laboratories
Neil S. Lipman and Scott E. Perkins

Inspection of Surgery Areas
Scott E. Perkins and Neil S. Lipman

Assessment of Veterinary Care
Mark A. Suckow and Bernard J. Doerning

Laboratory Animal Enrichment
Kathryn Bayne and Jennifer N. Camacho

Animal Mistreatment and Protocol Noncompliance
Jerald Silverman

Postapproval Monitoring
Ron E. Banks

The European Ethical Review Framework: Collaborative Issues
Javier Guillén

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