Equine Science 5th Edition

This engaging, informative text provides a thorough introduction to equine care and management. EQUINE SCIENCE, Fifth Edition, features a full–color layout, numerous photos, and vivid illustrations that help bring chapter material to life, as well as a logical, easy-to-understand sequence of topics. Following an introduction to the equine industry, you’ll learn about horses’ unique anatomy and needs; how to care for, train, and manage horses; and key business aspects of the industry. This all-new edition also clearly connects text content to National AFNR (Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources) Standards, key math and science concepts, and current references, helping prepare you for success in the classroom and beyond.   

Table of Contents
1. History and Development of the Horse.
2. Status and Future of the Horse Industry.
3. Breeds, Types, and Classes of Horses.
4. Cells, Tissues, and Organs.
5. Functional Anatomy.
6. Biomechanics of Movement.
7. Unsoundness.
8. Selecting and Judging Horses.
9. Determining Age, Height, and Weight of Horses.
10. Genetics.
11. Reproduction and Breeding.
12. Digestion and Nutrition.
13. Feeds and Feeding Horses.
14. Health Management.
15. Parasite Control.
16. Common Management Practices.
17. Shoeing and Hoof Care.
18. Buildings and Equipment.
19. Horse Behavior and Training.
20. Equitation.
21. Business Aspects.
22. Career Opportunities.

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