Equine Ophthalmology 4th Edition PDF

Equine Ophthalmology 4th Edition

Equine Ophthalmology 4th Edition PDF

By Brian C. Gilger

Equine Ophthalmology 4th Edition PDF delivers a complete and authoritative guide to all aspects of equine ophthalmology.

The book offers updated procedures, protocols, and therapeutics, with even more images. It features a reader-friendly tabular format focusing on frontline treatment and is aimed at all equine practitioners, from first opinion general practitioners to equine ophthalmologists. Readers will also find:

  • A thorough introduction to ophthalmic examination and field techniques, as well as advanced ophthalmic imaging
  • Practical discussions with the latest treatments for diseases and surgeries of the globe, orbit, adnexa, nasolacrimal system, cornea, lens, uvea, uveitis, and recurrent uveitis
  • In-depth examinations of glaucoma, vision, neuro-ophthalmology, systemic disease, and national and international regulations on ophthalmic disease and medications
  • Comprehensive review of inherited ocular disorders

Equine Ophthalmology 4th Edition is an essential reference for any practitioner treating ocular conditions in equine patients.

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