Improving Reproduction and Genetics in Game Birds and Ratites

Improving Reproduction And Genetics In Game Birds And Ratites

By Irek Malecki and Graeme Martin

Improving Reproduction and Genetics in Game Birds and Ratites PDF describes the development and application of fertility and hatchability technologies in commercial production of Peking ducks, pheasants and meat pigeons and artificial insemination technology for ratites. It clearly identifies a number of major constraints to efficient production of ducks, pheasants and pigeons.
The report is primarily for managers and researchers working in production of poultry, game birds, emus and ostriches, although it is also relevant to those involved in breeding of other bird species, as well as conservationists.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Introduction

2 Objectives

3. Methodology

4. Development of fertility and hatchability technology for the duck, pheasant and pigeon

5. The quality of game bird breeding stocks

6. Semen collection and artificial insemination for the ostrich

7. Factors affecting the quantity and quality of emu and ostrich ejaculates

8. Duration of sperm storage and rate of lay in the female ostrich in the absence of copulations

9. Discussion of Results

10. Implications for relevant stakeholders

11. Recommendations

12. References

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