Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology: From Metabolism to Drug Discovery

Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology: From Metabolism to Drug Discovery Written and edited by experts in the field, this book brings together the current state of the art in phenotypic and rational, target-based approaches to drug discovery against pathogenic protozoa. The chapters focus particularly on virtual compounds and high throughput screening, natural products, computer-assisted drug design, structure-based drug design, mechanism of action identification, and pathway modelling. Furthermore, state-of the art “omics” technologies are described and currently studied enzymatic drug targets are discussed. Mathematical, systems biology-based approaches are introduced as new methodologies for dissecting complex aspects of pathogen survival mechanisms and for target identification. In addition, recently developed anti-parasitic agents targeting particular pathways, which serve as lead compounds for further drug development, are presented.


“In summary, this book illustrates why it is extremely beneficial to 1) precisely understand the biology of a host–parasite unit and 2) combine a set of powerful alternative approaches for drug development
as well as target identification and validation. In his foreword, Graham Coombs recommends that more
experienced scientists should be encouraging those in the early stages of their career to remember appropriate past work, read books and not to forget the basic biology when applying novel approaches.
I fully agree. Read this book” Prof. Dr. Marcel Deponte, Technische Universit-t Kaiserslautern, ChemMedchem, Sept 2017

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