Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff, 2nd Edition

Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff 2nd Edition PDF 

By Lila Miller and Stephen Zawistowski

Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff 2nd Edition PDF is the premier reference on shelter medicine. Divided into sections on management, species-specific animal husbandry, infectious disease, animal cruelty, shelter programs, behavior, and spay/neuter, the new edition has been reformatted in a more user-friendly design with briefer chapters and information cross-referenced between chapters.  Maintaining a herd health approach, new and expanded chapters address issues of husbandry, infectious disease management, behavior forensics, population management, forensic toxicology, animal cruelty and hoarding, enrichment in shelters, spay/neuter, and shelter design.

Now in full color, this fully updated new edition delivers a vast array of knowledge necessary to provide appropriate and humane care for shelter animals.  Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and shelter professionals will find this to be the go-to resource on the unique aspects of shelter medicine that help facilitate operating a modern, efficient, and humane shelter.

Table of Contents

Contributors xi

Acknowledgment xv

Introduction xvii

Section 1: Introduction

1 Introduction to Animal Sheltering 3
Stephen Zawistowski and Julie Morris

2 Population Statistics 13
Janet Scarlett

3 Shelter Design 21
Lucinda Schlaffer and Paul Bonacci

4 Sanitation 37
Kay Steneroden

5 Administrative Issues 49
Bonnie Yoffe-Sharp

6 Legal Issues for Shelters 59
Jane McBride

Section 2: Husbandry

7 Quality of Life, Stress, and Emotional Pain in Shelter Animals 83
Franklin D. McMillan

8 Population Management 93
Sandra Newbury and Kate Hurley

9 Canine Care in the Animal Shelter 115
Lila Miller and Stephanie Janeczko

10 Feline Care in the Animal Shelter 145
Brenda Griffin

11 The Care of Small Mammals in the Animal Shelter 185
Christopher S. Hanley

12 Reptile and Amphibian Care in the Animal Shelter 201
Natalie Isaza and Ramiro Isaza

13 Avian Care in the Animal Shelter 225
Debra A. Nicholson

14 Temporary Care of Wildlife in the Animal Shelter 247
Scott Diehl and Cheryl Diehl

15 Equine Care in the Animal Shelter 263
Jeannine Berger, John Madigan and Kathry  Holcomb

Section 3: Infectious Disease

16 Strategies for Management of Infectious Diseases in a Shelter 281
Miranda Spindel

17 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases in Shelter Populations 287
Janet Scarlett

18 Practical Overview of Common Infectious Disease Agents 297
Elise Gingrich and Michael Lappin

19 Disease Recognition and Diagnostic Testing 329
Kate Hurley and Patricia Pesavento

20 Treatment Strategies 34
Julie D. Dinnage

21 Outbreak Management 349
Jeanette O’Quin

Section 4: Animal Cruelty

22 Overview of Animal Cruelty Laws 371
Stacy Wolf

23 Veterinary Forensics: Medical Evaluation of Abused Live Animals 383
Robert W. Reisman

24 Examination of the Deceased Victim 407
Melinda Merck

25 Forensic Toxicology 421
Sharon Gwaltney-Brant

26 Animal Hoarding 431
Gary Patronek

27 Animal Fighting 441
Randall Lockwood

28 Equine Cruelty 453
Pamela Corey

Section 5: Shelter Programs

29 Emergency Medicine in the Animal Shelter 463
Cynthia D. Delany

30 Euthanasia 469
Martha Smith-Blackmore

31 Foster Care 495
Martha Smith-Blackmore and Sandra Newbury

32 Disaster and Emergency Planning and Response for Animal Shelters 517
Kevin M. Dennison and Jeanie Lin

Section 6: Behavior

33 Behavior Evaluation, Adoption, and Follow-Up 531
Emily Weiss and Heather Mohan-Gibbons

34 Behavioral Enrichment 541
Katherine Miller and Stephen Zawistowski

35 Animal Behavior Forensics: Evaluation of Dangerous Dogs and Cruelty Victims 559
Pamela J. Reid

36 Behavioral Pharmacotherapy in the Animal Shelter 569
Amy Marder

Section 7: Spay/Neuter

37 Spay/Neuter Services for Shelter and Community Animals 579
Kathleen V. Makolinski

38 Anesthesia and Pain Management 593
Andrea Looney

39 Surgical Techniques for Spay/Neuter 625
Philip A. Bushby

40 Pediatric Neutering 647
Leslie Appel and Janet Scarlett

41 Management of Stray and Feral Community Cats 669
Julie K. Levy and Christine L. Wilford

42 Nonsurgical Sterilization of Cats and Dogs 689
Brenda Griffin

Appendix 1 Resources for Veterinary and Shelter Professionals 697

Appendix 2 Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters 701

Index 703

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