Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 9th Edition

Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 9Th Edition

By Anne M. Zajac, Gary A. Conboy, Susan E. Little, Mason V. Reichard

Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 9th Edition PDF allows for a quick and accurate reference to internal and external parasites found in a wide variety of domestic animals and laboratory animal host species.  Focusing on the tests and information most relevant to daily veterinary practice, this classic benchtop manual contains a wealth of high-quality images to assist readers in diagnosing parasitic disease and identifying and treating relevant parasites.  Contributions by leading experts in veterinary pathobiology and parasitology cover fecal examination for the diagnosis of parasitism, detection of parasites in the blood, diagnosis of arthropod parasites, and more.

The latest edition contains fully revised material throughout, including new and expanded information on immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic tests, additional parasite-specific material on the benefits and limitations of different test modalities, and increased coverage of reptiles, birds, and other exotic and laboratory animals.  New sections include up-to-date information on anthelmintics, antiprotozoals, and other antiparasitic drugs, and challenging case studies that provide insights on situations where identification of parasites is especially difficult.  Published under the auspices of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP), this indispensable clinical manual:

  • Presents clear and concise information on the distribution, life cycle, and significance of each parasite covered
  • Contains hundreds of color clinical images to enable rapid picture-matching and aid in diagnosis
  • Offers a spiral-bound format that allows the book to lie flat on the benchtop, ideal for regular use in daily practice
  • Features revised content throughout, including new chapters and images, an improved format, an enhanced color scheme, and an updated companion website
  • Describes accurate and cost-effective techniques for diagnosiing parasitic infections in animals

Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 9th Edition is an essential resource for practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians, diagnosticians, researchers, and students in need of a timely and efficient reference on morphologic identification of parasites in different animal species.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Authors xv

About the Companion Website xvii

Chapter 1 Fecal Examination for the Diagnosis of Parasitism 1

Collection of Fecal Samples 1

Storage and Shipment of Fecal Samples 2

Fecal Exam Procedures 2

Fecal Flotation 3

Additional Procedures for Fecal Examination 12

Quality Control for Fecal Exam Procedures 15

Use of the Microscope 16

Microscope Calibration 16

Pseudoparasites and Spurious Parasites 19

Identification of Nematode Larvae Recovered with Fecal Flotation or Baermann Procedures 24

Techniques for Evaluation of Strongylid Nematodes in Grazing Animals 29

Fecal Culture 29

Identification of Ruminant and Camelid Third-Stage Larvae 30

Identification of Third-Stage Larvae of Equine Strongyles 35

Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test (FECRT) 36

Hoyer’s Solution 39

Lactophenol 40

Parasites of Domestic Animals 41

Dogs and Cats 42

Ruminants and Camelids 96

Horses 126

Swine 140

Birds 154

Rodents and Rabbits 174

Reptiles 182

Chapter 2 Detection of Protozoan and Helminth Parasites in the Urinary, Reproductive, and Integumentary Systems and in the Eye 191

Techniques for Parasite Recovery 191

Parasites of the Urinary System 191

Parasites of the Reproductive Tract 192

Helminth Parasites of the Integumentary System 192

Parasite Detection in Urinary and Other Systems 193

Chapter 3 Detection of Parasites in the Blood 207

Immunologic and Molecular Detection of Blood Parasites 207

Microscopic Examination of Blood for Protozoan Parasites 207

Giemsa Stain 208

Microscopic Examination of Blood for Nematode Parasites 209

Tests for Canine Heartworm Microfilariae in Blood Samples 210

Blood Parasites of Dogs and Cats 213

Blood Parasites of Livestock and Horses 228

Blood Parasites of Birds 234

Chapter 4 Immunodiagnostic and Molecular Diagnostic Tests in Veterinary Parasitology 239

Immunodiagnostic Methods in Parasitology 239

Molecular Diagnostic Methods in Parasitology 243

Chapter 5 Diagnosis of Arthropod Parasites 247

Subclass Acari (Mites and Ticks) 247

Mite Identification 247

Tick Identification 278

Class Insecta 300

Lice (Order Phthiraptera) 300

Fleas (Order Siphonaptera) 314

Flies (Order Diptera) 322

Other Insects 342

Chapter 6 Parasites of Fish 347

Techniques for Recovery of Ectoparasites 347

Skin Biopsy (Mucus Smear) 348

Fin Biopsy (Fin Snip) 348

Gill Biopsy (Gill Snip) 348

Recovery of Endoparasites 349

Parasites of Fish 350

Chapter 7 Treatment of Veterinary Parasites 371

Introduction 371

Anthelmintics 371

Specific Anthelmintics 372

Ectoparasiticides 375

Protozoal Treatment 378

Non-Traditional Treatments 379

Chapter 8 Diagnostic Dilemmas 381

Diagnostic Dilemma 1 381

Diagnostic Dilemma 2 382

Diagnostic Dilemma 3 383

Diagnostic Dilemma 4 383

Diagnostic Dilemma 5 384

Diagnostic Dilemma 6 385

Diagnostic Dilemma 7 386

Bibliography 387

Index 391

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