Therapeutic Strategies in Veterinary Oncology


Therapeutic Strategies in Veterinary Oncology

Therapeutic Strategies In Veterinary Oncology

By Chand Khanna

Therapeutic Strategies in Veterinary Oncology PDF is a comprehensive resource for veterinary oncologists and trainees, covering therapeutic strategies used in the treatment of veterinary patients. In the setting of a rapidly changing field like oncology, this timely text focuses on mechanisms of action and biological rationale rather than current specific clinical recommendations, allowing current and future clinicians to adapt treatment approaches as our understanding of the biology of cancer evolves.

With each chapter written by experts in their field, this book provides informative figures that convey this biological understanding and rationale of therapy. It starts from the mechanisms of treatment as we currently understand them, covering radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and many more. Dispensing vital, detailed and practical information about the different therapeutic strategies available, this book is a vital resource for practicing veterinarians, while also providing students of veterinary oncology with a better understanding of the key differences between different treatment strategies.

Table of Contents

Therapeutic Strategies in Veterinary Oncology Contents

1 Radiation Therapy
2 High-Dose Conventional Chemotherapy
3 Metronomic Chemotherapy
4 Targeting Cancer Metabolism Dependencies
5 Antimetastatic Therapy
6 Signal Transduction Inhibitors
7 Nuclear Transport Inhibitors
8 Cancer Immunotherapy
9 Gene Editing and Gene Therapy in Oncology
10 Epigenetic Targeting of Cancer
11 Precision Medicine
12 Glucocorticoid Therapy in Oncology

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