Carpenter’s Exotic Animal Formulary, 6th Edition

Carpenter’s Exotic Animal Formulary, 6th Edition PDF Download

By James W. Carpenter and Craig Harms

Carpenter’s Exotic Animal Formulary 6th Edition PDF. Because medical care of exotic pets has become an integral part of most companion animal practices, Carpenter’s Exotic Animal Formulary, 6th edition, therefore, was compiled to accommodate this rapid growth of exotic animal medicine. For this revision, 29 of the most recognized specialists in our field were invited to contribute; their role was to evaluate published drug dosages, related biologic and medical information, and references, and to select those that would be most clinically useful and relevant to the practitioner. This edition is updated and expanded (now contains 301 tables, an increase of 46 tables from the fifth edition), and includes sections on invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, backyard poultry/gamebirds/waterfowl, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, miniature pigs, primates, and native wildlife. The “Selected Topics for the Exotic Animal Veterinarian” has also been updated and expanded.

This Book addresses the most common questions and medical situations encountered in clinical practice. Using clear, current recommendations on drugs, indications, and dosages, this text helps you find the information you need fast. Written by clinical and research veterinarian James Carpenter, it includes biological tables with details on therapies and diets, normal blood parameters of common species, venipuncture sites, differential diagnosis, and medical protocols for common conditions. This thoroughly revised edition includes coverage of antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiparasitic agents, along with new chapters on invertebrates, backyard poultry and waterfowl, compound medications, and more!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Invertebrates

Chapter 2 Fish

Chapter 3 Amphibians

Chapter 4 Reptiles

Chapter 5 Birds

Chapter 6 Backyard Poultry, Gamebirds, and Waterfowl

Chapter 7 Sugar Gliders

Chapter 8 Hedgehogs

Chapter 9 Rodents

Chapter 10 Rabbits

Chapter 11 Ferrets

Chapter 12 Miniature Pigs

Chapter 13 Primates

Chapter 14 Native Wildlife

Chapter 15 Select Topics for the Exotic Animal Veterinarian


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