Complete Horse Care Manual

Complete Horse Care Manual

By Colin Vogel

Complete Horse Care Manual PDF.  It’s no secret that horses are supremely beautiful and intelligent beings. With the right care, they can form an incredibly rewarding bond with you!

The Complete Horse Care Manual is written by experienced vet and horse specialist, Colin Vogel.
It offers a guide to horse anatomy and shows you how to interpret their body language and prevent them becoming frightened or bored, explaining how to deal with common problems and unwanted behaviours.

Dive straight in to discover:

-Full-colour illustrations with over 650 specially- commissioned diagrams
-Step-by-step photography demonstrating every aspect of horse care from grooming to mucking out
-Revised feeding sections to reflect the latest thinking on equine dietary requirements
-Up-to-date advice on horse shoes, microchipping and identification
-Reviewed medical information providing latest guidelines on immunization and horse healthcare

This horse care book will show you step-by-step how to catch, handle and groom horses, and how to keep them well-fed and watered. It advises you on the correct kit to buy, and how to keep all your tack and equipment in top condition. When a horse is ill, we understand that it’s a worrying time, but this indispensable manual offers reassuring advice, including when to call the vet, and how to administer first aid.
Featuring suggested daily routines and tips on shoeing and hoof care, The Complete Horse Care Manual has everything you need to keep a horse healthy, safe and happy!

A must-have volume for both new and experienced owners, this indispensable guide to horse care proves the perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life, with an easy-to-use format for quick reference and beautifully-coloured illustrations throughout.

Jam-packed with practical suggestions for daily, monthly and annual routines, this handy horse manual features tonnes of tips and tricks that can help keep your horse healthy and comfortable throughout the year.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1 Looking at the Horse

CHAPTER 2 General Care

CHAPTER 3 The Horse Outdoors

CHAPTER 4 The Stabled Horse

CHAPTER 5 Food and Water

CHAPTER 6 Horse Problems & Foaling

CHAPTER 7 Tack and Clothing

CHAPTER 8 Hints and Tips



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