State Wildlife Management and Conservation

State Wildlife Management and Conservation

By Thomas J. Ryder

State Wildlife Management and Conservation PDF. The adage “think globally but act locally” defines the work of American wildlife professionals. Their contributions, from remote outposts to major cities, guard the natural world of the entire country. In State Wildlife Management and Conservation, Thomas J. Ryder brings together wildlife leaders from practical, policy, and academic backgrounds to tell the story of state wildlife agencies, chronicling their efforts to restore and protect our nation’s natural resources.

Reflecting the core principle of the profession – that the public, not any individual, owns wildlife – State Wildlife Management and Conservation explains how this tenet became law, laying the groundwork for the history of state-level wildlife management that follows. The authors cover key issues, including the limits of private land ownership, the funding of wildlife regulation, the nuances of human-wildlife conflict, the role of law enforcement, disease control efforts, and the challenges involved in balancing the perspectives of hunters, nonhunters, and animal rights advocates. Detailed essays also discuss state management techniques for a wide range of wildlife, including big game and migratory birds.

State Wildlife Management and Conservation is a comprehensive, nationwide account of state management efforts. It will aid professors training the next generation of wildlife professionals, students hoping to enter the profession, and anyone working with wildlife to develop a more sophisticated understanding of what it means to be a state wildlife biologist.

Table of Contents
1 History of State Wildlife Management in the United States
2 Public Trust Doctrine and the Legal Basis for State Wildlife Management
3 State Fish and Wildlife Agencies and Conservation: A Special Relationship
4 Evolution of Funding for State Fish and Wildlife Agencies: Promises Fulfilled, Promises to Keep
5 State Wildlife Law Enforcement
6 State Management of Big Game
7 State Management of Upland and Small Game
8 State Management of Furbearing Animals
9 State Management of Migratory Game Birds
10 State Management of Nongame Wildlife
11 State Management of Human-Wildlife Conflicts
12 State Management of Wildlife Disease
13 The Role of Human Dimensions in State Wildlife Management
14 The Role of Field Research in State Wildlife Management
15 Future Needs and Challenges for State Wildlife Agencies

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