Whittemore’s Science and Practice of Pig Production 3rd Edition


Whittemore’s Science and Practice of Pig Production 3rd Edition

Whittemore'S Science And Practice Of Pig Production 3Rd Edition Pdf

By Colin T. Whittemore and Ilias Kyriazakis

Whittemore’s Science and Practice of Pig Production 3rd Edition PDF. The science and practice of pig production has changed rapidly over recent decades; new husbandry practices, new understandings of growth, reproduction and health, new appreciations of welfare and environmental impact, new nutritional approaches, and modern reproductive and genetic techniques have all come into being, together with the emergence of new health challenges.

Now in its third edition, this long established reference book on the management, breeding, feeding, nutrition, health and welfare of pigs has been fully revised to provide clear and current information on both the practical and scientific aspects of the pig industry. With the help of a new panel of international experts and a senior editor, the overall structure now contains input from international centres across Europe and North America.

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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements xv

Contributors xvii

Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 2 Pig meat and carcass quality 4
Jeff Wood and Colin Whittemore

Chapter 3 Growth and body composition changes in pigs 65
Colin Whittemore and Ilias Kyriazakis

Chapter 4 Reproduction 104
Cheryl Ashworth

Chapter 5 Pig behaviour and welfare 148
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 6 Development and improvement of pigs by genetic selection 184
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 7 The maintenance of health 263
John Carr

Chapter 8 Energy value of feedstuffs for pigs 317
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 9 Nutritional value of proteins and amino acids in feedstuffs for pigs 343
Cornelis de Lange and Colin Whittemore

Chapter 10 Value of fats and oils in pig diets 368
Julian Wiseman

Chapter 11 Energy and protein requirements for maintenance, growth and reproduction 379
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 12 Requirements for water, minerals and vitamins 404
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 13 Appetite and voluntary feed intake 417
Ilias Kyriazakis and Colin Whittemore

Chapter 14 Diet formulation 438
Mick Hazzledine and Colin Whittemore

Chapter 15 Optimisation of feed supply to growing pigs and breeding sows 472
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 16 Product marketing 507
Jaume Coma

Chapter 17 Environmental management of pigs 533
Christopher Wathes and Colin Whittemore

Chapter 18 Production performance monitoring 593
Colin Whittemore

Chapter 19 Simulation modelling 606
Darren Green, Ian Wellock and Colin Whittemore

Chapter 20 Conclusion 645

Appendices 649

Index 659

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