Bovine Reproduction, 2nd Edition


Bovine Reproduction, 2nd Edition

Bovine Reproduction, 2Nd Edition

By Richard M. Hopper

Bovine Reproduction, 2nd Edition PDF delivers a comprehensive overview of all major issues in bovine reproduction. Written by leading experts in the subject, the book is an indispensable reference for any veterinarian dealing with bovine fertility.

Bovine Reproduction PDF is divided into sections on the bull, the cow, the neonate, and assisted reproduction techniques. New chapters cover new gene manipulation technologies, managing problem donors, lameness, and more. Outdated and redundant information from the First Edition has been removed and replaced by coverage of new diseases, technologies, procedures, techniques, and approaches to fertility problems.

A new companion website provides images and tables from the book in PowerPoint format. In addition to more than 675 full-color images, readers will also benefit from:

  • A thorough discussion of the anatomy and physiology of the bull, including the endocrine and exocrine function of bovine testes and the thermoregulation of the testes
  • An exploration of breeding and health management of bulls, including the evaluation of breeding soundness and ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract
  • An examination of the anatomy, physiology, and the breeding and health management of cows, including fetal programming, the reproductive tract microbiome, and a section on obstetrics and reproductive surgery
  • A review of the management of both critical care of the neonate and effective colostrum assessment and provision
  • An introduction to assisted and advanced reproductive technologies

A practical and comprehensive reference, Bovine Reproduction is a must-have purchase for bovine practitioners, theriogenologists, animal scientists, veterinary students, and residents with an interest in cattle.

Table of Contents


Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

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Section I: The Bull

Anatomy & Physiology

1. Anatomy of the reproductive system of the bull – Nabors

2. Endocrine and exocrine function of the testes – Ryan & Hoffmann

3. Spermatogenesis – Waqas

4. Thermoregulation of the testes – Kastelic & Rizzoto

5. Endocrine control of testicular development and initiation of spermatogenesis in bulls – Brito

6. Bull development: Sexual development and puberty in bulls – Brito

Breeding and Health management

7. Evaluation of Breeding Soundness: Comparative review of different standards – Norman

8. Evaluation of Breeding Soundness: The Physical Exam – Thompson & Alexander

9. Evaluation of Breeding Soundness: The Spermiogram – Palmer

10. Ultrasound Examination of the Reproductive Tract – Momont, Keeler & Nicholson

11. Management of Breeding Bull Batteries – King

12. Management of Bulls at AI Studs – Warner

13. Testicular Degeneration – Kastelic

14. Vesicular Adenitis – Thompson

15. Inability to breed due to injury or Abnormality of the External Genitalia of Bulls – Maxwell

16. Management of Lameness in Breeding Bulls – Warner

Reproductive Surgery

17. General& Regional Anesthesia – Sidelinger

18. Surgery of the Scrotum & Its Contents – King

19. Restorative Surgery of the Prepuce & Penis – Hopper & Wolfe

20. Management of Urolithiasis – Grissett

21. Preparation of Teaser Bulls – Grissett

Section II: The Cow

Anatomy & Physiology

22. Anatomy of the Reproductive System of the Cow – Nabors

23. Initiation of Puberty in Heifers – Estill

24. Neuroendocrine Control of Estrous & Ovulation – Williams

25. Ovarian follicular and luteal dynamics in cattle – Adams & Singh

26. Maternal recognition & Physiology of Pregnancy – Lemley, Camacho & Vonnahme

27. Fetal programming – Lemley, Littlejohn & Burnett

Breeding and Health Management

28. Biosecurity for Beef & Dairy Herds – Huston

29. Beef Heifer Development – Hindman & Engelken

30. Dairy Heifer Development – R. Stockler

31. Interaction of Nutrition & Reproduction: Beef – Olson, Bailey, Duncan & Swecker

32. Interaction of Nutrition and Reproduction in the Dairy Cow – Cargile & Tracy

33. Cystic Ovarian Follicles – J. Smith

34. Postpartum anestrus and its management in dairy cattle – Ambrose

35. Estrus Detection – Palomares

36. Artificial Insemination – R. Kasimanickam

37. Pharmacological Control of the Estrous Cycle  – R. Kasimanickam

38. Examination for Pregnancy: Rectal Palpation – Christiansen

39. Examination for Pregnancy: Biochemical Tests – Cain

40. Ultrasound Evaluation of the Reproductive Tract – Colloton

41. Beef Herd Health for Optimal Reproduction – Engelken & Dohlman

42. Dairy Herd Health for Optimal Reproduction – Klopfenstein

43. Herd Diagnostic Testing Strategies – Larson

44. Breeding Season Evaluation of Beef Herds – Engelken

45. Dairy Herd Record Analysis – Lynch

46. Marketing the Bovine Reproductive Practice – Myers

Obstetrics and Reproductive Surgery

47. Management of Vaginal, Cervico-Vaginal & Uterine Prolapse – King & Peter

48. Induction of Parturition & Abortion – Koziol

49. Management to Prevent Dystocia – Boakari & El-Sheikh Ali

50. Dystocia and Accidents of Gestation – Maxwell

51. Obstetrics: Mutation, Forced Extraction, Fetotomy – Walters

52. Obstetrics: Caesarian Section – Mochal-King

53. Retained Fetal Membranes – Peter

54. Postpartum Uterine Infection – Darawhal

55. Surgery to Restore Fertility – Hopper

Pregnancy Wastage

56. Fetal Disease and Abortion: Diagnosis and Causes – Baumgartner

57. Infectious Agents: Campylobacter – Rush & Edmondson

58. Infectious Agents: Trichomonas – Waters & Gard

59. Infectious Agents: Leptospirosis – Jumper

60. Infectious Agents: Brucellosis – Ragan

61. Infectious Agents: Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis – Newcomer

62. Infectious Agents: Bovine Viral Diarrhea – Chamorro & Passler

63. Infectious Agents: Schmallenberg virus – Kauffold, Hoops & Vahlenkamp

64. Infectious Agents: Bovine Epizootic Abortion – Stott, Blanchard & Anderson

65. Infectious Agents: Neospora – Scully

66. Infectious Agents: Mycotic – Austin

67. Compromised Pregnancy Success Caused by Heat Stress – Hansen

68. The Reproductive Tract Microbiome: Implications for fetal & neonatal health – Messman & Lemley

69. Bovine Abortifacient and Teratogenic Toxins – Baughman

70. Heritable Congenital Defects – Whitlock, Beever & Steffen

71. The Abnormal Offspring Syndrome – Rivera, Donnelly, Patel,  Li & Soto-Moreno

Section III: The Neonate

72. Strategies to Decrease Neonatal Calf Loss in the Beef Herds – Smith

73. Management to Decrease Neonatal Calf Loss in the Dairy Herd – R. Stockler

74. Critical care management of the neonate – Chamorro & Passler

75. Colostrum management –  J. Stockler & Chamorro

Section IV: Assisted and Advanced Reproductive Technologies

76. Utilization of genomic testing for the selection of desirable traits in cattle – Upshaw, Butler, Henderson, Shaffer & Rolf

77. Emerging hormonal therapies that potentially enhance fertility parameters in developing bulls – Waqas

78. Cryopreservation of Semen – Sathe

79. Utilization of Sex Selected Semen – R. Kasimanickam

80. Control of Semen Borne Pathogens – Givens

81. Bovine semen quality control in artificial insemination centers – Vincent, Underwood, Dolbec, Bouchard, Kroetsch & Blondin,

82. Superovulation in Cattle – Jahnke, Youngs, Mapletoft, & Bo

83. Embryo Collection and Transfer – Nola & Looney

84. Selection & Management of the Embryo Recipient Herd – Lamb, Mercadante, Oosthuizen & Fontes

85. Evaluation of In Vivo Derived Bovine Embryos – Jahnke, West & Youngs

86. Control of Embryo Borne Pathogens – Gard

87. Cryopreservation of Bovine Embryos – Jones

88. Managing the “problem donor” – Pohler, Fernández, Poole, Reese & Franco

89. In Vitro Fertilization – Hasler & Barfield

90. Cloning by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer – Edwards, Schrick & Klabnik

91. Application of CRISPR-Cas9 Technology in Bovine Reproduction – V. Kasimanickam


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