The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions

The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions PDF

By G. John Benson and Bernard E. Rollin

The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions Book PDF is the first title in Blackwell Publishing Professional’s groundbreaking series Issues in Animal Bioethics. This important book examines the ethical and economic importance of production animal well-being and pain management—topics of increasing concern to consumers.

The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions offers veterinarians, veterinary and agriculture students, animal scientists, and food animal producers both practical methods to enhance farm animal well-being, and greater understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of those methods. With a variety of perspectives from respected experts and specialists, this book conveys new research findings and promotes valuable discourse on critical issues. Most importantly, editors Benson and Rollin provide feasible instruction to put theory into practice.

The theories and applications presented in this book are likely to be legislated in the future. Therefore, it is important for veterinarians in production animal medicine to keep abreast of the latest issues in promoting animal well-being, and implement sound animal welfare methods every day. The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions provides the information veterinarians need to do both.

  • Comprehensive and detailed review of both the practical and theoretical aspects of farm animal well-being;
  • Contains groundbreaking theories and applications that are likely to be translated into legislation and guidelines for handling food animals;
  • Contributions from a wide variety of experts and specialists, conveying new research findings and promoting valuable discourse on critical issues.

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Table of Contents



I. Theoretical Framework.

1. The Ethical Imperative to Control Pain and Suffering in Farm Animals (Bernard E. Rollin).

2. Human-Livestock Interaction (Paul H. Hemsweorth).

3. Quality of Life for Farm Animals: Linking Science, Ethics, and Animal Welfare (David Fraser and Daniel M. Weary).

4. Pain in Farm Animals: Nature, Recognition, and Management (G. John Benson).

5. A Concept of Welfare Based on Feelings (Ian J. H. Duncan).

6. Meeting Physical Needs: Environmental Management of Well-Being (Ted H. Friend).

7. Principles for Handing Grazing Animals (Temple Grandin).

8. Principles for the Design of Handling Facilities and Transport Systems (Temple Grandin).

II. Practical Applications.

10. Production Practice sand Well-Being: Beef Cattle (Joseph M. Stookey and Jon M. Watts).

11. Animal Well-Being in the U. S. Dairy Industry (Franklyn B. Garry).

12. Production Practices and Well-Being; Swine.(Timothy E. Blackwell).

13. Maximizing Well-Being and Minimizing Pain and Suffering: Sheep (Cleon V. Kimberling and Gerilyn A. Parsons).

14. Welfare Problems of Poultry (Ian J. H. Duncan).

15. Rethinking Painful Management Practices (Daniel M. Wary and David Fraser).

16. Alternatives to Conventional Livestock Production Methods (Michael C. Appleby).

17. Euthanasia (Robert E. Meyer and W. E. Morgan Morrow).

Appendix: U. S. and Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations Positions on Food Animals.


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