Toxic Plants of North America, 2nd Edition


Toxic Plants of North America, 2nd Edition

Toxic Plants of North America, Second Edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference for both wild and cultivated toxic plants on the North American continent. In addition to compiling and presenting information about the toxicology and classification of these plants published in the years since the appearance of the first edition, this edition significantly expands coverage of human and wildlife—both free-roaming and captive—intoxications and the roles of secondary compounds and fungal endophytes in plant intoxications.

More than 2,700 new literature citations document identification of previously unknown toxicants, mechanisms of intoxication, additional reports of intoxication problems, and significant changes in the classification of plant families and genera and associated changes in plant nomenclature. Toxic Plants of North America, Second Edition is a comprehensive, essential resource for veterinarians, toxicologists, agricultural extension agents, animal scientists, and poison control professionals.

  • Presents comprehensive, detailed toxicologic information on wild and cultivated toxic plants found in North America
  • Offers information on both animal and human intoxications
  • Brings together information on plant morphology and distribution, associated disease problems, disease genesis, clinical signs, pathologic changes, and treatment approaches
  • Provides information on additional toxic species and explanations of taxonomic revisions in plant classification and nomenclature
  • Incorporates additional information relevant to small and exotic animal practices
  • Includes more than 1,000 images illustrating plant features and distributions, principal toxicants, and pathways of intoxication; a glossary of toxicological, botanical, and chemical terms; and a comprehensive index

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