Comparative Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapy

By A.S.J.P.A.M. van MiertM.G. Bogaert M. Debackere

Comparative Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapy PDF. The third congress ofthe European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicol­ ogy (EAVPT) was held in Ghent, Belgium, from 25 to 29 August 1985. Part I of the Proceedings of this congress contains the abstracts of all invited lectures, oral communi­ cations and poster communications, presented at the congress. The invited lectures are now published (this volume) in extenso as Part II of the Proceedings. The editors wish to thank all invited speakers for their active contribution to the success of the third congress of EAVPT. They are very grateful to Dr. P. De Backer for compiling all manuscripts, Dr. P. Lees for scientific amendments, Miss B. Vermeesch and Dr. R. Lefebvre for preparing the camera ready copy and MTP Press for literary advice and publishing. A. S. J. P. A. M. van Miert M. G. Bogaert M. Debackere xi Contributors AMEND J.F. Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Atlantic Veterinary College. University of Prince Edward Island. Charlotte­ town. P.E.I. CIA 4P3. Canada. ANIKA S.M. Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology. University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Nigeria. ARGENZIO R.A. Department of Anatomy, Physiological Sciences. and Radio­ logy, School of Veterinary Medicine. North Carolina State University. Raleigh, NC 27606. USA. ARONSON A.L. Clinical Pharmacology Unit. School of Veterinary Medicine. North Carolina State University, Raleigh. North Carolina 27606. USA. AUCOIN D.P. The Animal Medical Center. 510 E 62nd Street. New York. New York 10021. USA. xiii xiv COMPARATIVE VETERINARY PHARMACOLOGY, TOXICOLOGY AND THERAPY BAARS A.J.

Table of Contents
  1. Influence Of Halothane Anaesthesia, After Xylazine Premedication, On Serum Calcium Concentration In The Horse
  2. Pharmacological Properties Of Benzodiazepines In Animals
  3. Effects Of Halogenated Inhalational Anaesthetics On Respiration In Dogs
  4. Analgesic Activity Of Butorphanol In Horses: Dosage Titration And Clinical Studies
  5. Postgraduate Training In The Veterinary Pharmacology
  6. The Teaching Of Veterinary Pharmacology And Toxicology
  7. Design And Evaluation Of Studies On Drug Delivery Systems
  8. Potential Of New Drug Delivery Systems In Veterinary Medicine
  9. Influence Of Injection Site On The Depot Effect Of Procaine Penicillin In Dogs
  10. Influence Of Food On Absorption Of Antimicrobial Drugs
  11. Pharmacology Of The (Fore)-stomach Smooth Muscles
  12. Smooth Muscle Pharmacology Of The Large Intestine
  13. Recent Advances In The Pharmacological Control Of The Intestinal And Colonic Motor Profiles
  14. Cholinergic-like Effect Of The H
  15. Comparative Pharmacokinetics: Introductory Remarks
  16. Comparative Neonatal Pharmacokinetics
  17. Comparative Pharmacokinetic Studies Of Sulphonamides
  18. Species Differences In Protein Binding
  19. The Target Animal Species In Drug Toxicity Studies: An Evaluation Of Its Usefulness And Limitations
  20. The Use Of Pharmacokinetics In Chronic Toxicity Testing
  21. The Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (Farad): A Computer Databank Of The Pharmacokinetics Of Drugs, Pesticides And Environmental Chemicals In Food Animals
  22. Modulation Of Autonomic Receptor Function By Haemophilus Influenzae In The Respiratory System
  23. Impairment Of Pulmonary Homeostatic And Antimicrobial Defence Mechanisms By Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis And Parainfluenza-3 Virus Infections
  24. The Potential Of Biological Response Modifiers In The Treatment Of Malignancies In Animals And Man
  25. Immunological Defence Mechanisms As A Target For Antibiotics
  26. Comparative Aspects Of Drug Conjugation In Laboratory Animals, Exotic Species And Man
  27. Hepatic Microsomes As Models For Comparative Metabolism In Vivo
  28. Pharmacokinetics, Hydroxylation And Acetylation Of Sulphadimidine In Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles And Molluscs
  29. Disposition And Metabolism
  30. Modulation Of Intestinal Ion Absorption And Secretion By Enterotoxins, Hormones And Neurotransmitters
  31. Species And Age-dependent Factors Governing The Clinical Severity Of Diarrhoea
  32. Antidiarrhoeal Therapy
  33. The Effects Of Veterinary Drugs Based On Humic Acids In The Treatment Of Enteritis In Young Animals
  34. Drug Reactions Leading To Toxicity
  35. Clinical Toxicology Of An Antibiotic Ionophore (Monensin) In Ponies And Horses; Diagnostic Markers And Therapeutic Considerations
  36. Mycotoxins And Mycotoxicoses In Europe
  37. Role Of Animal Disease Models In Evaluating The Efficacy Of Antimicrobial Agents
  38. Effects Of Disease States On Drug Binding To Serum Proteins
  39. Tickborne Fever: Efficacy And Effects On Pharmacokinetics Of Some Chemotherapeutic Agents In The Goat
  40. Statistical Methods For Evaluation Of Drug Efficacy In Animal Models
  41. Pharmacology Of Carbadox In The Pig
  42. Opioid Peptides And Their Receptors
  43. Endorphin Systems, Pain And Addiction
  44. Opioid Effects On Gastrointestinal Motor And Secretory Functions
  45. Central Nervous System Control Of Feeding Behaviour By Some Neuropeptides In Sheep
  46. The Use In Animals Of Drugs Licensed For Human Use Only
  47. The Use In Small Animal Medicine Of Drugs Licensed For Human Purposes
  48. The Use In Animals Of Drugs Licensed For Human Use: The Situation In Sweden
  49. Regulation Of Drug Usage In Veterinary Medicine: The Situation In Germany
  50. Do Residues Of Antimicrobial Drugs Constitute A Microbiological Risk For The Consumer?

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