Natural Poisons and Venoms, Animal Toxins

Natural Poisons and Venoms, Animal Toxins

By Jan-Peter Hildebrandt, Eberhard Teuscher and Ulrike Lindequist

Biogenic toxins are fascinating natural products characterized by an enormous diversity of chemical structures and pharmacological activities. They not only pose hazards to humans and animals, but they are important components in the interplay of substances and living beings in nature and, moreover, important sources for new drugs.

Numerous images of plants and chemical structural formulas complete the book, as well as extensive references for further reading.

The multivolume reference is an essential resource for physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, chemists, biochemists, food chemists and biologists, for students in the relevant fields, and maybe for interested laymen.

All aspects of natural toxins based on the latest scientific knowledge are included:

  • All aspects of the toxicology of all living organisms and natural foods, chemistry, action mechanisms, symptoms of intoxications.
  • The only book arranged on a strictly scientific base according to the biogenetic origin and chemical structure.
Table of Contents
1 Introduction to Animal Toxins
2 Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Toxicology of Animal Toxins
3 Venomous and Poisonous Animals
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