Toxicants in Food Packaging and Household Plastics: Exposure and Health Risks to Consumers

By Suzanne M. Snedeker

Toxicants in Food Packaging and Household Plastics: Exposure and Health Risks to Consumers PDF serves as a comprehensive resource on toxicants that can be released from food packaging materials and household plastics. Chapters include sources and levels of chemical exposure, known and suspected health effects and the identification of data gaps with recommendations for further research. In addition, regulatory approaches and risk assessment challenges in the United States and Europe are discussed.

Chapters cover both the more widely known chemicals that can migrate from food packaging (bisphenol A, perfluorinated chemicals), and household plastics (lead, phthalates, brominated flame retardants), as well as chemicals that are just entering use in food packaging (nanomaterials in polymer food packaging) and chemicals recently identified as migrating from food packaging to food stuffs (phthalates, benzophenones, antimony, methylnaphthalene and the alkylphenols nonylphenol and octylphenol). Chapters on phthalates and brominated flame retardants discuss challenges that arise with the use of replacement chemicals. The health effect sections of chapters have drawn on a wide variety of toxicological endpoints and recommend approaches to better assess toxicological risks in vulnerable human populations.

Reflecting the global nature of our food supply and household consumer goods, contributions have been drawn from international experts. A wide range of scientists will find this book to be useful, including toxicologists, environmental health scientists, food scientists, and regulators.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Human Health Effects of Bisphenol A

Phthalates in Food Packaging, Consumer Products, and Indoor Environments

Brominated Flame Retardants and Their Replacements in Food Packaging and Household Products: Uses, Human Exposure, and Health Effects

Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanocomposite Food Contact Materials: Uses, Potential Release, and Emerging Toxicological Concerns

The Alkylphenols Nonylphenol and Octylphenol in Food Contact Materials and Household Items: Exposure and Health Risk Considerations

Benzophenone UV-Photoinitiators Used in Food Packaging: Potential for Human Exposure and Health Risk Considerations

Perfluorinated Compounds in Food Contact Materials

Antimony in Food Contact Materials and Household Plastics: Uses, Exposure, and Health Risk Considerations

Lead in Household Products

Methylnaphthalene in Food Packaging and Cadmium in Food Packaging and Household Items: Overview of Exposure, Toxicology, Regulatory Aspects, and Research Needs

Food Contact Materials: Practices, Agencies and Challenges

Back Matter

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