Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery


Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Manual Of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery PdfBy Karen Tobias

Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery PDF Download From Our Largest Veterinary Books Online. Gain the benefit of 20 years’ experience in small animal soft tissue surgery. In this book, Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery explains the tips and tricks that experienced surgeons use to make a procedure easier, faster and more successful. She provides clear, concise, detailed and well-illustrated instructions on how to complete all the common procedures performed in small animal practice. Hundreds of high-quality color photographs and detailed line drawings are included to provide step-by-step instructions, giving you confidence when attempting these techniques.

  • Organized by procedure type and includes sections on surgery of the skin, abdomen, digestive system, reproductive tract, perineal, head and neck, and miscellaneous procedures
  • Each chapter contains an introduction, tips for preoperative management, surgery, and surgical techniques, and postoperative considerations
  • A practical manual useful for small animal veterinarians at all stages of their training and career
Table of Contents


Section 1: Surgery of the Skin 
1. Primary Wound Closure
2. Lumpectomy and Primary Closure
3. Basic Flaps
4. Tension-Relieving Incisions
5. Full-Thickness Mesh Grafts
6. Caudal Superfi cial Epigastric Axial Pattern Flap
7. Mastectomy
8. Tie-over Bandage

Section 2: Abdominal Procedures 
9. Abdominal Incisions
10. Umbilical Hernia
11. Inguinal Hernia
12. Diaphragmatic Hernia
13. Splenectomy
14. Abdominal Lymph Node Biopsy
15. Peritonitis

Section 3: Surgery of the Digestive System 
16. Liver Biopsy
17. Pancreatic Biopsy
18. Gastrotomy
19. Gastrostomy Tube Placement
20. Incisional Gastropexy
21. Intestinal Biopsy
22. Intestinal Foreign Bodies
23. Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis
24. Enterostomy Tube Placement
25. Colopexy
26. Rectal Polyp Resection

Section 4: Surgery of the Reproductive Tract 
27. Prepubertal Gonadectomy
28. Feline Castration
29. Canine Castration
30. Cryptorchid Castration
31. Prostatic Biopsy
32. Prostatic Omentalization
33. Ovariohysterectomy
34. Cesarean Section
35. Pyometra
36. Episiotomy
37. Episioplasty

Section 5: Surgery of the Urinary Tract 
38. Renal Biopsy
39. Nephrectomy
40. Cystotomy
41. Cystostomy Tube Placement
42. Prescrotal Urethrotomy
43. Scrotal Urethrostomy
44. Perineal Urethrostomy in Cats
45. Urethral Prolapse

Section 6: Perineal Procedures 
46. Anal Sacculectomy
47. Perineal Hernia
48. Rectal Prolapse
49. Tail Amputation

Section 7: Surgery of the Head and Neck 
50. Oronasal Fistulas
51. Lateral Ear Canal Resection
52. Vertical Ear Canal Resection
53. Mandibular Lymph Node Excision
54. Sialoceles
55. Stenotic Nares
56. Elongated Soft Palate
57. Tracheostomy Tube Placement
58. Esophagostomy Tube Placement
59. Feline Thyroidectomy

Section 8: Miscellaneous Procedures 
60. Onychectomy
61. Dewclaw Removal
62. Thoracostomy Tube Placement
63. Finger-Trap Suture
Absorbable Suture Materials


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