Concepts and Applications in Veterinary Toxicology, An Interactive Guide

Concepts And Applications In Veterinary Toxicology, An Interactive Guide

This book: “Concepts and Applications in Veterinary Toxicology: An Interactive Guide”: covers a broad spectrum of topics related to students specializing in veterinary toxicology and for veterinary medical practitioners. Since the major emphasis of the book is to teach veterinary students, therefore more attention has been given to common toxicants to which several species are exposed including pet animals. The subject of veterinary toxicology is complicated greatly by the wide variations in responses of domestic, companion, aquatic, wild, and zoo species to toxicants. Therefore, emphasis has also been given to species variation and diagnostic toxicology including clinical management that is more relevant to veterinary profession.

  • Highlights specialized topics essential for veterinary specialists.
  • Covers a variety of common toxicants to which several species including pet animals are exposed.
  • Includes sample questions and answers that are extremely valuable for students, clinical pharmacists, teachers, and academicians in preparing for their board and other examinations.

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