Venomous Snakes: Envenoming, Therapy

Venomous Snakes: Envenoming, Therapy

By Jiri Valenta

Venomous Snakes: Envenoming, Therapy PDF is a comprehensive monograph on the problems of intoxication incurred by snake venom. This publication is primarily intended for those at all levels of health care, for members of rescue teams, surgeries and emergency hospitals, as well as specialized workplaces and intensive care units. Providing didactic instructions for first aid and treatment procedures, information is also presented on venomous snakes, the fundaments of their morphology and behavior, snakebite prevention, the composition of snake venom, symptoms of envenoming, plus first aid in the event of snakebite for non-professionals, travelers, terrain biologists, and breeders. This book features an updated alphabetical list of types and sub-types of all venomous snakes, including their home ranges, as well as a comprehensive index, list of abbreviations, glossary, and color picture insert with one hundred photographs of venomous snakes.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Zoological Basis

Chapter 2 Epidemiology of Snakebites

Chapter 3 Snake Venoms

Chapter 4 Snake Antivenoms

Chapter 5 Snakebite: Therapy and Prevention

Chapter 6 Envenoming and Snakebite Treatment in Specific Snake Groups

Chapter 7 List of Venomous Snakes

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