Dermatology for the Equine Practitioner

Dermatology for the Equine Practitioner PDF

By Ralf S. Mueller

Dermatology for the Equine Practitioner PDF deals exclusively with the equine dermatological problems that the clinician is most likely to see in the practice, ideal for the practitioner who must quickly diagnose and treat the problems. The highly illustrated format helps guide the practitioner towards an effective diagnosis and treatment plan. Coverage progresses from a detailed description of all diagnostic tests and procedures, to clinical evaluation of the patient and test results, to presentation of the treatment options that are realistic for the condition involved. The drug information is selective and designed to answer the questions the practitioner is most likely to have. Treatment protocols for bacterial infections, pruritus, fungal infections and ectoparasitcal infections are discussed in detail. Over 80 color images along with tables and flow charts provide quick access to important diagnostic and treatment information.

Published by Teton New Media USA and distributed by CRC Press outside North America.

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Table of Contents

Section1 How To
Dermatologic History
Dermatologic Examination
Diagnostic Tests Useful in
Equine Dermatology
Superficial Skin Scrapings
Deep Skin Scrapings
Fungal Culture
Serum Testing For Allergen-Specific IgE
Diagnostic Trials
Diet Trial
Insect Control Trial
SectionThe Approach to Common
Dermatologic Presentations
The Pruritic Horse
The Horse with Papules, Pustules and Crusts
The Horse with Nodules
The Horse with Alopecia
Shampoo Therapy For Various Skin Conditions
Treatment of Bacterial Infections
Treatment of Pruritus
Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy
Ectoparasiticidal Agents
Insect Control Trials and Management of
Patients with Culicoides Hypersensitivity
Immunosuppressive Therapy
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