Rumenology PDF

By Danilo Domingues Millen, Mario De Beni Arrigoni and Rodrigo Dias Lauritano Pacheco

Rumenology Book PDF combines information about the behaviour that allowed ruminants to survive and to evolve on Earth: the rumen. Furthermore, the reader will find aspects involving rumen anatomy, physiology, microbiology, fermentation, metabolism, manipulation, kinetics and modeling. Thus, the book was not only organized to help students involved in areas such as ruminant nutrition and ruminant production but collegians gathering material for teaching practices.

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Table of Contents

Anatomy and Physiology of the Rumen

Microbiology of the Rumen

Ruminal Fermentation

Lipid Metabolism in the Rumen

Ruminal Acidosis

Control and Manipulation of Ruminal Fermentation

Use of Virginiamycin in Cattle Feeding

Grain Processing for Beef Cattle

Net Nutrient Flux Across the Portal-Drained Viscera and Liver of Ruminants

Rumen Models

Planning and Analyzing Digestibility Experiments

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