Cow Signals Checkbook: Working on Health, Production and Welfare


Cow Signals Checkbook: Working on Health, Production and Welfare

Cow Signals Checkbook: Working On Health, Production And Welfare Pdf

By Jan Hulsen

Cow Signals Checkbook: Working on Health, Production and Welfare PDF is a collection of the 54 most important checklists, score cards and instruction cards designed to help dairy farmers manage their day-to-day operations. These cards cover all aspects of cow husbandry. This Check Book is part of the successful Cow Signals series.

The cards are designed to be used separately. It is therefore not a book in the usual sense of the word, but a source of information for you to dip into as and when you need it.

By working with the Cow Signals Checkbook, every dairy farmer can improve the health, production and welfare of their cows. And benefit your economic results.

Table of Contents

The Cow Signals concept
Cow Signals Diamond
SECTION ONE: Young Stock

  • Growth and Development Checklist
  • Calf Body Condition Score Card
  • Calf Lying Comfort Score Card
  • Diagnosis List for Diarrhoea in Young Calves
  • New Heifers Checklist

SECTION TWO: Feed & Water

  • Feed Intake Score Card
  • Rumen Fill Score Card
  • Body Condition Score Card
  • Manure Score Card: Digestion
  • Manure Score Card: Consistency
  • Drinking Troughs Checklist


  • Checklist Calm cows in the barn
  • Space Checklist
  • Stress-free Driving Instruction Card
  • Instruction card: Driving cattle in a stress-free way
  • Standing Up and Lying Down Checklist
  • Stall Checklist
  • Lying Comfort Scorecard

SECTION FOUR: Light and Air

  • Light Checklist
  • Air, Ventilation and Climate Checklist
  • Heat Stress Checklist: (21 Degrees Action Plan)


  • Hoof Health Checklist Success factors
  • Hoof Health Checklist 10 action points
  • Checklist Footbaths
  • Hoof Trimming Instruction Card
  • Mobility Score Card
  • Locomotion Score Card (Movement)
  • Hoof Signals Score Chart
  • Hoof Conditions Score Card
  • Hoof Bandage Instruction Card

SECTION SIX: Udder health

  • Hygiene Score Card
  • Milking Instruction Card
  • Milk Sampling Instruction Card
  • Teat Health Score Card
  • California Mastitis Test (CMT) Instruction Card
  • Instruction Card for infusing the Udder


  • Score Card Oestrus Signals
  • Pregnancy Checklsit
  • Instruction Card for Thawing SEMEN
  • Insemination Instruction Card
  • Insemination Technique Instruction Card

SECTION EIGHT: Health & Disease

  • Health and Welfare Checklist
  • Sickness and Distress Checklist
  • Injection Instruction Card
  • Rule no. 1 for Effective Treatment Checklist

SECTION NINE: Dry period-Transition

  • Dry Cows Management Checklist
  • Calving Assistance Instruction Card
  • Fresh Cow Management Instruction Card
  • 10-Days plan: daily checklist for fresh cows

SECTION TEN: Management

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Instruction Card
  • Instruction Card for Communicating with Staff
  • Labour efficiency Checklist

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