Modern Dairy Technology: Volume 2 Advances in Milk Products 2nd Edition


Modern Dairy Technology: Volume 2 Advances in Milk Products 2nd Edition

Modern Dairy Technology: Volume 2 Advances In Milk Products 2Nd Edition

By R. K. Robinson

Modern Dairy Technology: Volume 2 Advances in Milk Products 2nd Edition PDF. As with the products and processes described in Volume· I of this book, many of the technical changes associated with, for example, the manufacture of cheeses or fermented milks have been subtle rather than dramatic. Nonetheless, the importance for the dairy industry has often been profound. The market demand for dairy products containing ‘health-promoting’ cultures is a development that was barely discernible 10 years ago, and yet many manufacturers are now generating a whole range of bio-yoghurts and similar retail items. Similarly, the legislation covering food hygiene has been modified to place additional demands upon manufacturers, a move that has in turn encouraged the further development of analytical methods for quality controL These modifications to manufacturing practices are, along with many others, reflected in this second edition, and I acknowledge with gratitude the enthusiastic co-operation of all the authors associated with this project in bringing their disparate contributions up-to-date. R. K. ROBINSON v Preface to the First Edition Retail sales of most dairy products are still on the increase world-wide, and this expansion is, at least in part, a reflection of the fact that prices have tended to remain at a competitive level.
Table of Contents
1. Manufacture of Yoghurt and Other Fermented Milks.
2. Modern Cheesemaking: Hard Cheeses.
3. Modern Cheesemaking: Soft Cheeses.
4. Developments in Frozen-Products Manufacture.
5. Physical Properties of Dairy Products.
6. Modern Laboratory Practice — 1: Chemical Analyses
7. Modern Laboratory Practice — 2: Microbiological Analyses.
8. Technology for the Developing Countries.

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