Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals, 2nd Edition


Featuring contributions by an international team of dairy and nutrition experts, this second edition of the popular Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals provides comprehensive coverage of milk and dairy products derived from all non-bovine dairy species.

Milks derived from domesticated dairy species other than the cow are an essential dietary component for many countries around the world. Especially in developing and under-developed countries, milks from secondary dairy species are essential sources of nutrition for the humanity. Due to the unavailability of cow milk and the low consumption of meat, the milks of non-bovine species such as goat, buffalo, sheep, horse, camel, Zebu, Yak, mare and reindeer are critical daily food sources of protein, phosphate and calcium. Furthermore, because of hypoallergenic properties of certain species milk including goats, mare and camel are increasingly recommended as substitutes in diets for those who suffer from cow milk allergies. This book:

  • Discusses key aspects of non-bovine milk production, including raw milk production in various regions worldwide
  • Describes the compositional, nutritional, therapeutic, physio-chemical, and microbiological characteristics of all non-bovine milks
  • Addresses processing technologies as well as various approaches to the distribution and consumption of manufactured milk products
  • Expounds characteristics of non-bovine species milks relative to those of human milk, including nutritional, allergenic, immunological, health and cultural factors.
  • Features six new chapters, including one focusing on the use of non-bovine species milk components in the manufacture of infant formula products

Thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the many advances that have occurred in the dairy industry since the publication of the acclaimed first edition, Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals, 2nd Edition is an essential reference for dairy scientists, nutritionists, food chemists, animal scientists, allergy specialists, health professionals, and allied professionals.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors vii

1. Overview of Milk of Non-BovineMammals (Second Edition) 1
Young W. Park, George F.W. Haenlein, and W.L.Wendorff

2. GoatMilk 11

2.1 Production of Goat Milk 11
Mariana Marques de Almeida and George F.W. Haenlein

2.2 Goat Milk – Chemistry and Nutrition 42
Young W. Park

2.3 Goat Milk Products: Types of Products, Manufacturing Technology, Chemical Composition, and Marketing 84
Golfo Moatsou and Young W. Park

2.4 Therapeutic, Hypo-Allergenic and Bioactive Potentials of Goat Milk, and Manifestations of Food Allergy 151
Young W. Park and George F.W. Haenlein

3. SheepMilk 181

3.1 Production of Sheep Milk 181
David L. Thomas and George F.W. Haenlein

3.2 Sheep Milk – Composition and Nutrition 210
W.L.Wendorff and George F.W. Haenlein

3.3 Processing of Sheep Milk 222
W.L.Wendorff and Samir Kalit

4. Buffalo Milk 261

4.1 Buffalo Milk Production 261
Mian AnjumMurtaza, Ajit J. Pandya, and M.Mohamed H. Khan

4.2 Buffalo Milk Utilization for Dairy Products 284
Mian AnjumMurtaza, Ajit J. Pandya, and M. Mohamed H. Khan

4.3 Traditional Indian Dairy Products 343
Mian AnjumMurtaza, Ajit J. Pandya, George F.W. Haenlein, and M. Mohamed H. Khan

5. Mare Milk 369
Elisabetta Salimei and Young W. Park

6. CamelMilk 409
El-Sayed Ibrahim El-Agamy

7. YakMilk 481
Ying Ma, Shenghua He, and YoungW. Park

8. Zebu-Brahma andMithun Milk 515
Leorges M. Fonseca

9. ReindeerMilk 535
Øystein Holand, Halivard Gjøstein, Mauri Nieminen, and George F.W. Haenlein

10. Sow Milk 559
YoungW. Park

11. OtherMinor Species Milk 579
B´en´edicte Coud´e

12. Flavor and Sensory Characteristics of Non-Bovine Species Milk and Their Dairy Products 595
Pat Polowsky, B´en´edicte Coud´e, Luis A. Jim´enez-Maroto, Mark Johnson, and Young W. Park

13. Potential Applications of Non-Bovine Mammalian Milk in Infant Nutrition 625
Shane V. Crowley, Alan L. Kelly, John A. Lucey, and James A. O’Mahony

14. Human Milk 655
Young W. Park

Index 681

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