Advances in Dairy Microbial Products

Advances In Dairy Microbial Products Pdf Download

By Joginder Singh and Ashish Vyas

Advances in Dairy Microbial Products PDF Book describes the importance and utility of microbial products used in dairy products. This book explains the makeup of these products in a scientifically sound yet simple manner. The appeal of this book is its holistic approach to addressing the different aspects of the dairy industry, from basic dairy microbial biochemistry to production of dairy products and their nutrient quality, and finally to machine learning applications in dairy industry. Comprised of chapters written and edited by international authorities and researchers with top expertise in dairy products, it offers both established and cutting-edge solutions to the numerous challenges commonly encountered in the industrial processing of milk and the production of milk products. This book offers a highly practical approach to the topic, addressing and tackling the problems faced in the workplace by dairy technologists.

Researchers and practitioners will find this book to be an ideal source of thorough and up-to-date information on dairy microbial products while also appealing to beginners seeking to understand how advanced dairy technologies can increase the efficiency of current techniques.

  • Examines the advances of dairy products in healthcare, environment and industry
  • Elaborates upon advanced perspectives, wide applications, traditional uses and modern practices of harnessing potential of microbial products
  • Includes helpful illustrations of recent trends in dairy product research
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Global scenario of fermented dairy products: current advancements and future challenges
Chapter 2. Recent advances in microbial diversity usage in fermented dairy microbial products
Chapter 3. Recent trends in fungal dairy fermented foods
Chapter 4. Recent trends in alkaline fermented foods
Chapter 5. Recent trends in intellectual property rights protection in fermented dairy products
Chapter 6. Insights into the technological and nutritional aspects of lactic milk drinks: buttermilk
Chapter 7. Advancement in acidophilus milk production technology
Chapter 8. Advancement of yogurt production technology
Chapter 9. Innovative practices in the development of yogurt with special concern over texture and flavor
Chapter 10. Pathogenic microorganisms in milk: their source, hazardous role and identification
Chapter 11. Fermented pastes using dairy important microbes
Chapter 12. Chemistry and material studies in fermented dairy products
Chapter 13. Advancement in cheese production technology
Chapter 14. A new generation of sustainable life forms of milk kefir grains produced from freeze-dried microbial isolates: observational study of grain behavior in an experimental system
Chapter 15. Innovations in preservation and improving functional properties of kefir
Chapter 16. Health benefits of probiotics: an overview
Chapter 17. Recent advancements in the production of probiotic fermented beverages
Chapter 18. Probiotics in dairy products: microencapsulation and delivery
Chapter 19. The effect of innovative processing technologies on probiotics stability
Chapter 20. The effect of thermal processing on probiotics stability
Chapter 21. Hydrogels as carrier for the delivery of probiotics
Chapter 22. Dairy-derived antimicrobial substances: microorganisms, applications and recent trends
Chapter 23. Bacteriocins and antimicrobial peptides as an alternative to antibiotics
Chapter 24. Nanobiotechnology in fermented dairy products
Chapter 25. Application of nanomaterials in the dairy industry
Chapter 26. Development of biosensor-based technology for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms and biomolecules in dairy products
Chapter 27. Machine Learning applications in dairy farm management

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