Analytical Methods for Food Safety by Mass Spectrometry, Volume II, Veterinary Drugs

Analytical Methods For Food Safety By Mass Spectrometry, Volume Ii, Veterinary Drugs

By Guo-Fang Pang

Analytical Methods for Food Safety by Mass Spectrometry, Volume Two: Veterinary Drugs PDF systematically introduces the Pesticide and Veterinary Drug Multiresidues Analytical Methods, with discussions on 69 veterinary drug multiresidues chromatic-MS analytical methods that are capable of detecting over 200 veterinary drugs and chemical residues of 20 categories, such as β-agonists, β-lactams, aminoglycosides, amphenicols, anabolic hormone, anabolic steroids, avermectins, benzimidazole, cephalosporins, glucocorticoid steroids, macrolides, nitrofurans, nitroimidazoles, NSAIDs, polyether, polypeptides, progestagens, pyrazolones, quinolones, quinoxalines, sedatives, sulfonamides, synthetic estrogens, tetracyclines, thyreostats, and other toxins in animal and poultry tissues, acquatic products, milk, milk powders and bee products.

This valuable book can be used as reference for not only university students, but also technical personnel of different specialties who are engaged with study and applications, such as food safety, agricultural environment protection, pesticide development, and utilization in scientific research units, institutions and quality inspection organizations.

  • Provides the chromatic-MS analytical technique for over 1000 commonly-used veterinary and pesticide residues
  • Presents the determinations of over 60 chemicals, over 10 categories, in plant derived products (fruits, vegetables, grains, teas, Chinese medicinal herbs, edible fungus, fruit and vegetable juices, and fruit wines)
  • Includes sections on animal derived products (animal tissues, aquatic products, raw milk and milk powders), etc.
  • Covers the latest information on sophisticated pre-treatment techniques with a single sample pre-treatment and simultaneous detection by GC-MS and LC-MS/MS
Table of Contents

1. Sulfonamides
2. B-drenoceptor agonists
3 Aminoglycoside
4 Chloramphenicol
5 B–lactams
6 Macrolides
7 Nitrofurans
8 Anabolic steroids
9 Inanabolic steroids
10 Glucocorticoid
11 Fluoroquinolone
12 Tetracyclines
13 Sedative
14 Pyrazolone
15 Quinoxaline
16 Nitroimidazole
17 Benzimidazole
18 Levamisole
19 Thiourea
20 Polyether

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