Textbook on Meat, Poultry and Fish Technology

Textbook On Meat, Poultry And Fish Technology

The book entitled “Textbook on Meat, Poultry and Fish Technology” contains Part I Fresh Meat technology Chapter 1-11 containing History and development; Structure and chemistry of animal tissues; Postmortem changes- rigor mortis; Effect of transport on meat quality; PSE and DFD in meat quality; Composition, essential nutrients in meat and poultry meat; General quality characterization; Meat microbiology; Factors affecting; Tenderization; and Chemical residues. Part II Poultry and Fish Technology Chapter 12–30 contains History and development; Anti-nutrients and antibiotics effect on egg and meat; Quality identification and quality maintenance of poultry meat; Structure, chemical, nutritional and microbiological quality of poultry meat; Nutritive value, preservation and packaging techniques; Quality identification and factors influencing the quality; Pre-slaughter care, transportation, resting, fasting, ante-mortem examination; Methods of slaughter and slaughtering procedure-postmortem inspection; Yield and loss in poultry carcass component parts; Structure, nutritive value, compositional chemistry, microbiology and functional properties of eggs; Low cholesterol-cum-designer eggs; GMP, HACCP, Codex regulation for food products safety, WTO/GOI regulations; National and international regulations, Utilization of fish processing waste; Fishery resources, fishes, transportation, processing, preservation, grading standards; Post-processing value added meat for export-integration, poultry and fish processing and marketing; Storage, packaging, preservation methods; Cooking and preparation of further processed poultry and fish products.

Table of Contents

Part I–Fresh Meat Technology
1. History and Development of Meat Science and Meat Industry, Current Trends and Prospects of Meat Industry
2. Structure and Chemistry of Animal Tissues
3. Muscle Functions and Postmortem Changes: Rigor Mortis, Conversion of Muscle to Meat
4. Effect of Transport on Meat Quality: Its Veterinary and Clinical Importance
5. PSE and DFD in Meat Quality
6. Composition, Essential Nutrients in Meat and Poultry Meat
7. General Quality Characterization and Evaluation of Meat and Meat Products
8. Meat Microbiology
9. Factors Affecting Quality of Meat
10. Tenderization of Meat
11. Chemical Residues in Meat and their Effects on the Health of the Consumer
Part II–Poultry and Fish Technology
12. History and Development of Poultry Meat and Egg Processing Industry
13. Commonly Occurring Anti-Nutrients, and Antibiotics in Poultry Feed Ingredients and its Effect on Egg and Meat
14. Quality Identification and Quality Maintenance of Poultry Meat
15. Structure, Chemical, Nutritional and Microbiological Quality of Poultry Meat
16. Nutritive Value, Preservation and Packaging Techniques of Shelled and Liquid Eggs
17. Quality Identification of Shell Eggs and Factors Influencing the Quality
18. Pre-slaughter Care, Transportation, Resting, Fasting, Ante-mortem Examination
19. Methods of Slaughter and Slaughtering Procedure-Postmortem Inspection, Reasons for Condemnation of Carcass
20. Yield And Loss in Poultry Carcass Component Parts, Deboned Meat Quality and Grading of Dressed Chicken
21. Structure, Nutritive Value, Compositional Chemistry, Microbiology and Functional Properties of Eggs
22. Low Cholesterol-cum-Designer Eggs
23. GMP, HACCP Procedures for Food Safety, Codex Regulation for Food Products Safety, WTO/GOI Regulations for
Import and Export of Poultry Products
24. National and International Rgulations, Standards, Quality Control and Marketing of Fish and Fish Products
25. Utilization of Fish Processing Waste
26. Fishery Resources, Marine and Freshwater Fishes, Transportation, Processing, Preservation, Grading Standards
27. Post-processing Value Added Meat for Export-Integration, Poultry and Fish Processing and Marketing
28. Storage and Packaging of Poultry and Fish Products

29. Preservation Methods of Poultry Meat and Fish Products
30. Cooking Methods and Preparation of Further Processed Poultry and Fish Products

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