Microbiology for Food and Health


Microbiology for Food and Health

Microbiology For Food And Health Pdf

By Deepak Kumar Verma, Ami R. Patel, Prem Prakash Srivastav, Balaram Mohapatra and Alaa Kareem Niamah

Microbiology for Food and Health: Technological Developments and Advances PDF highlights the innovative microbiological approaches and advances made in the field of microbial food industries. The volume covers the most recent progress in the field of dairy and food microbiology, emphasizing the current progress, actual challenges, and successes of the latest technologies. This book looks at technological advances in starter cultures, prospective applications of food-grade microorganisms for food preservation and food safety, and innovative microbiological approaches and technologies in the food industry.

The first series of chapters discuss the types, classification, and systematic uses of various starter cultures in addition to probiotics for various commercial fermentation processes. The book goes on to covers recent breakthroughs in microbial bioprocessing that can be employed in the food and health industry, such as, for an example, prospective antimicrobial applications of inherently present fermentative microflora against spoilage and pathogenic type microorganisms; the use of potential probiotic LAB biofilms for the control of formation of pathogenic biofilms by exclusion mechanisms, and more.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Technological Advances in Starter Cultures

1. Starter Culture and Probiotic Bacteria in Dairy Food Products

Deepak Kumar Verma et al.

2. Starter Cultures: Classification, Traditional Production Technology, and Potential Role in Cheese Manufacturing Industries

Mohamed Eid Shenana and Ami Patel

3. Advances in Designing Starter Cultures for the Dairy and Cheese-Making Industry and Protecting Them against Bacteriophages

Vasilica Barbu et al.

Part 2: Prospective Application of Food-Grade Microorganisms for Food Preservation and Food Safety

4. Comparative Study of the Development and Probiotic Protection in Food Matrices

Fernanda Silva Farinazzo et al.

5. Indigenous Food and Food Products of West Africa: Employed Microorganisms and Their Antimicrobial and Antifungal Activities

Essodolom Taale et al.

Part 3: Innovative Microbiological Approaches and Technologies in The Food Industry

6. Microbiological Approach for Environmentally Friendly Dairy Industry Waste Utilization

Gemilang Lara Utama et al.

7. Molecular Techniques for Detection of Foodborne Pathogens: Salmonella and Bacillus cereus

Deepak Kumar Verma et al.

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