The Merck Veterinary Manual, 11th Edition PDF

The Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) is one of The Best Veterinary Books Online and covers all domesticated species and diseases in veterinary medicine worldwide. This completely revised and redesigned new edition of the veterinary classic uses a two-column format and color throughout for easy-to-read text and tables. Hundreds of color images enhance and illustrate the text. In addition to extensive revisions and updates, this edition includes a new section on public health and zoonoses, expanded coverage of fish and aquaculture, new chapters on backyard poultry, toxicologic workplace hazards, smoke inhalation, and additional coverage of numerous new and emerging topics in veterinary medicine.


About The Author

Susan E. Aiello and Michael A. Moses are the authors of The Merck Veterinary Manual, 11th Edition, published by Wiley.

Table of Contents


Guide for Readers

Abbreviations and Symbols


Circulatory System

Digestive System

Eye and Ear

Endocrine System

Generalized Conditions

Immune System

Integumentary System

Metabolic Disorders

Nervous System

Reproductive System

Respiratory System

Urinary System


Clinical Pathology and Procedures

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

Exotic and Laboratory Animals

Management and Nutrition

Public Health




Reference Guides


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