Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide

By Amy D’Andrea and Jessica Sjogren

Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide is an indispensable resource in daily clinical practice. Covering all aspects of a veterinary technician’s responsibilities in the care of large animals, the book provides fast access to practical information, aiding newly trained and skilled large animal technicians alike in performing their daily tasks. Designed as a quick yet comprehensive reference, the tables and charts throughout offer reliable, easy-to-follow information on horses, cattle, small ruminants, and pigs.

With chapter topics ranging from anatomy and nutrition to emergency and critical care, the book’s coverage includes both the basics of veterinary care and more specialized nursing procedures. Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide is an invaluable tool for any veterinary technician working with large animals, as well as veterinary technology students seeking more information on these species.

  • Provides fast access to all the information large animal technicians need in daily practice
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of a veterinary technician’s responsibilities
  • Presents information on a wide range of topics, including preventative health care, internal medicine, nursing care, radiography, and pharmacology
  • Encompasses both basic and advanced techniques, making it an ideal reference for veterinary technicians of any skill level
  • Uses tables and charts for rapid retrieval of essential details
  • Covers horses, cattle, small ruminants, and pigs
Table of Contents

Contributors xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv

Chapter 1: Anatomy 3
Amy D’Andrea and Jessica Sjogren with illustrations by Nathan Davis

Introduction 3

Chapter 2: Preventative Health Care 21
Amy D’Andrea and Jessica Sjogren

Introduction 22

Physical Examinations 22

Vaccinations 29

Chapter 3: Nutrition 63
Ashley Moulton

The Importance of Nutrition 64

Vitamins 65

Minerals 67

Nutritional Deficiencies 69

Nutritional Requirements for the Horse 76

Nutritional Requirements for the Dairy Cow 76

Nutritional Requirements for Beef Cattle 77

Nutritional Requirements for Sheep 77

Nutritional Requirements for Swine 77

Chapter 4: Internal Medicine 79
Jessica Sjogren and Amy D’Andrea

Cardiovascular 81

Dermatology 88

Endocrinology 93

Gastroenterology 95

Musculoskeletal 115

Neurology 121

Ophthalmology 125

Respiratory 128

Urology 137

Chapter 5: Reproduction 141
Katie Brown, Ryan Healy, and Maria Ferrer

Introduction 143

Female Reproductive Anatomy 144

Male Reproductive Anatomy 146

Female Reproductive Physiology 150

Male Breeding Soundness Examination 153

Female Breeding Soundness Examination 157

Estrous Detection 158

Artificial Insemination 159

Pregnancy Diagnosis 164

Abortion 165

Parturition 168

Postpartum Complications 171

Initial Care of the Neonate 174

Vaccination Schedule for Breeding Stock 175

Chapter 6: Nursing Care 179
Barbara Dugan

Nutritional Support 181

Pain Management 186

Behaviors Suggesting Pain in Large Animals 191

Wound Care and Management 195

Fluid Therapy and Administration 203

Basic Clinical Techniques 214

Chapter 7: Clinical Pathology 233
Sarah Ouellette

Introduction 235

Blood Chemistry Tests 235

Hematology 247

Microbiology 266

Urinalysis 281

Chapter 8: Radiography of the Horse 295
Sheri Miller

Introduction 296

Markers 297

Positioning 297

Technique 297

Radiation Safety 298

Tranquilization 298

Foot 298

Fetlock 303

Carpus 306

Tarsus 310

Stifle 312

Elbow 314

Shoulder 315

Radius 316

Tibia 318

Metacarpus (MCIII)/Metatarsus (MTIII) 320

Cervical Spine 322

Thorax 324

Pelvis 326

Skull 327

Chapter 9: Pharmacology 329
Patrick Hennigan

Introduction 331

Basic Calculations 331

Antifungal Drugs 332

Anti-Infective Drugs: Aminoglycosides, Cephalosporins, and Chloramphenicol 333

Anti-Infective Drugs: Fluoroquinolones, Lincosamides, and Metronidazole 334

Anti-Infective Drugs: Penicillin, Sulfonamides, and Tetracyclines 336

Antiparasitic Drugs: Antinematodals 337

Antiparasitic Drugs: Anticestodals 338

Cardiovascular Drugs: Antiarrhythmics 339

Cardiovascular Drugs: Anticoagulants and Calcium Supplements 340

Cardiovascular Drugs: Contractility Enhancers and Positive Inotropes 341

Renal and Urinary Tract Drugs: Diuretics 342

Renal and Urinary Tract Drugs: Acidifiers and Alkalinizers 342

Renal and Urinary Tract Drugs: Alpha Blocker and Anabolic Steroids 343

Antihistamines 343

Musculoskeletal Drugs: Adrenal Cortical Steroids 344

Musculoskeletal Drugs: Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs 345

Central Nervous System Drugs: Anticonvulsants 347

Central Nervous System Drugs: Muscle Relaxers 347

Central Nervous System Drugs: Alpha-2 Agonists 348

Central Nervous System Drugs: Dissociative Agents 348

Central Nervous System Drugs: Opioids 349

Chapter 10: Emergency Care 351
Jamie DeFazio

Introduction 352

Emergency Supplies 352

Triage 354

Chapter 11: Holistic Medicine for Horses 393
Jessica Sjogren

Holistic Medicine 394

Glossary 409

Bibliography 415

Index 419

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