Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, 2nd Edition

Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, 2nd Edition PDF DownloadBy Eric Monnet

Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery 2nd Edition PDF offers a thoroughly revised new edition of this comprehensive, detailed reference to surgical syndromes and diseases in small animal patients. Featuring detailed surgical descriptions accompanied by high-quality illustrations, the book updates the procedures throughout to include new and revised techniques. New chapters cover pyloric hypertrophy, coagulation factors and anticoagulation strategies, and pacemakers, with a newly standalone chapter on persistent aortic arches.

Organized by body system, each section of the book includes a brief review of surgical anatomy and physiology. Chapters present surgical techniques, with information on pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis, and a companion website provides video clips and slideshows demonstrating the procedures.

The Second Edition:

  • Presents a complete resource to small animal soft tissue surgery
  • Features detailed surgical descriptions accompanied by high-quality illustrations
  • Updates surgical techniques throughout to reflect new or refined procedures
  • Adds chapters on pyloric hypertrophy, coagulation factors and anticoagulation strategies, and pacemakers, and splits persistent aortic arches into an expanded standalone chapter
  • Features video clips and slideshows on a companion website to demonstrate the techniques covered

Relying on the very latest literature to present the current state of the art, Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery is an essential reference for small animal surgeons, residents, and practitioners performing soft tissue surgery.

Table of Contents


List of Contributors

Section 1: Gastrointestinal Surgery

1             Disorders of the Salivary Gland

Catriona M. MacPhail

2             Surgical Treatment of Esophageal Disease

Eric Monnet, Jeffrey J. Runge, and William T.N. Culp

3             Vascular Ring Anomalies

Eric Monnet

4             Hiatal Hernia

Eric Monnet and Ronald Bright

5             Pyloric Hypertrophy

Eric Monnet

6             Gastroduodenal Ulceration

Tracy L. Hill, B. Duncan X. Lascelles, and Anthony Blikslager

7             Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

Elisa M. Mazzaferro and Eric Monnet

8             Focal and Linear Gastrointestinal Obstructions

Nina Samuel, Barbro Filliquist, and William T.N. Culp

9             Mesenteric Volvulus and Colonic Torsion

Catriona M. MacPhail

10           Gastrointestinal Neoplasia

Deanna R. Worley

11           Megacolon

Steward D. Ryan

12           Anal Sac Disease

Maureen Griffin and William T.N. Culp

Section 2: Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas

13           Portosystemic Shunts

Lisa Klopp, Angela J. Marolf, Eric Monnet, and Craig B. Webb

14           Liver Lobe Torsion and Abscess

Daniel A. Degner and Jitender Bhandal

15           Liver Tumors and Partial Hepatectomy

Daniel A. Degner and Richard Walshaw

16           Gallbladder Mucocele

Steve J. Mehler and Philipp D. Mayhew

17           Extrahapetic Biliary Tract Obstruction

Steve J. Mehler and Philipp D. Mayhew

18           Other Surgical Diseases of the Gallbladder and Biliary Tract: Cholecystitis, Neoplasia, Infarct, and Trauma

19           Pancreatitis

Panagiotis G. Xenoulis, Jörg M. Steiner, and Eric Monnet

Section 3: Peritoneal Cavity

20           Peritonitis

Lori Ludwig

21           Hemoperitoneum

Jennifer Prittie and Lori Ludwig

22           Pneumoperitoneum

Jennifer Prittie and Lori Ludwig

23           Retroperitoneal Diseases

Amelia M. Simpson

24           Congenital Abdominal Wall Hernia

Amelia M. Simpson

25           Acquired Abdominal Wall Hernia

Amelia M. Simpson

26           Diaphragmatic and Peritoneopericardial Diaphragmatic Hernias

Janet K. McClaran

27           Perineal Hernia

F.A. (Tony) Mann and Carlos Henrique de Mello Souza

Section 4: Chest Wall

28           Pectus Excavatum

Raymond K. Kudej

29           Surgery of the Thoracic Wall

Julius M. Liptak, Eric Monnet, and Kristin Zersen

30           Tumors of the Thoracic Walls

Julius M. Liptak

31           Flail Chest

Dennis Olsen and Ronald S. Olsen

Section 5: Pleural Space

32           Chylothorax

Jonathan F. McAnulty

33           Pyothorax in Dogs and Cats

Chad Schmiedt

34           Pneumothorax

Robert J. Hardie

Section 6: Respiratory Surgery

35           Oronasal and Oroantral Fistula

Naomi Hoyer

36           Cleft Lip and Palate

Yoav Bar-Am

37           Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Dorothee Krainer and Giller Dupré

38           Laryngeal Paralysis

Eric Monnet

39           Laryngeal Neoplasia

Eric Monnet

40           Tracheal Surgery

Catriona M. MacPhail

41           Surgical Diseases of the Lungs

Eric Monnet

Section 7: Urinary Tract

42           Pathophysiology of Renal Disease

Cathy Langston and Serge Chalhoub

43           Upper Urinary Tract Obstruction

Eric Monnet

44           Urolithiasis of the Lower Urinary Tract

Eric Monnet

45           Ureteral Ectopia and Urinary Incontinence

Philipp D. Mayhew and Allyson Berent

46           Treatment Strategies for Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence

Philipp D. Mayhew and Allyson Berent

47          Treatment Strategies for Ureteral Ectopia

Philipp D. Mayhew and Allyson Berent

48           Neoplasia of the Urinary Tract

Ramesh K. Sivacolundhu and Stephen J. Withrow

49           Urinary Tract Trauma

Heidi Phillips

50           Urinary Diversion Techniques

Maureen Griffin, Allyson Berent, Chick Weisse, and William T.N. Culp

51           Idiopathic or Benign Essential Renal Hematuria

Allyson Berent and Chick Weisse

52           Renal Transplant

Chad Schmiedt

Section 8: Reproductive Tract

53           Pyometra

Natali Krekeler and Fiona Hollinshead

54           Cesarean Section

Wendy Baltzer

55           Congenital Vaginal Defects

Fran Smith

56           Ovariectomy and Ovariohysterectomy

Thomas J. Smith and Bernard Séguin

57           Scrotal and Testicular Trauma and Neoplasia

Fran Smith

58           Prostatic Disease

Michelle A. Kutzler

59           Cryptorchidism

Carlos Gradil and Robert McCarthy

60           Paraphimosis

Michelle Kutzler

61           Priapism

Michelle Kutzler

62           Phimosis

Dietrich Volkmann

63           Penile and Preputial Trauma and Neoplasia

Dawna Voelkl

Section 9: Endocrine

64           Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Nicholas J. Bacon

65           Feline Hyperthyroidism

Marie-Pauline Maurin and Carmel T. Mooney

66           Canine Thyroid Neoplasia

Deanna R. Worley

67           Canine and Feline Insulinoma

Floryne O. Buishand and Kolle Kirpensteijn

68           Adrenal Tumors

Pierre Amsellem, Michael Schaer, and James P. Farese

Section 10: Ear Surgery

69           Anatomy of the Ear

Jamie R. Bellah

70           Surgery of the Pinna

Jamie R. Bellah

71           Aural Neoplasia

Brad M. Matz and Jamie R. Bellah

72           Otitis Externa

Robert Kennis

73           Feline and Canine Otitis Media

Dawn Logas

74           Surgery of the Vertical Ear Canal

Anne Sylvestre

75           Imaging of the Ear for Surgical Evaluation

Robert Cole, Kaitlin Fiske, and John Hathcock

76           Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla Osteotomy

Daniel D. Smeak

77           Subtotal Ear Canal Ablation

Kyle G. Mathews

78           Surgical Diseases of the Middle Ear

Marije Risselada and Elizabeth M. Hardie

Section 11: Cardiac

79           Coagulation Disorders and Surgery

Sara Shropshire and Benjamin Brainard

80           Heart Surgery Strategies

E. Christopher Orton

81           Congenital Cardiac Shunts

E. Christopher Orton

82           Valvular Heart Disease

E. Christopher Orton

83           Cardiac Neoplasia

E. Christopher Orton

84           Congenital Pericardial Diseases

Eric Monnet

85           Constrictive Pericarditis

Eric Monnet

86           Pericardial Effusion

Eric Monnet

87           Pacemaker Therapy

Eric Monnet

Section 12: Hematopoietic

88           Surgical Treatment of Splenic Disease

Kyla Walter and William T.N. Culp

89           Surgical Treatment of Thymic Disease

Erin A. Gibson and William T.N. Culp


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