Poultry Meat Processing

Poultry Meat Processing PDF

By Alan Sams , Casey M. Owens , Christine Alvarado and Alan R. Sams

Poultry Meat Processing PDF Book. Poultry processing is a complex combination of biology, chemistry, engineering, marketing, and economics. While producing human food is the main goal of poultry processing, related fields include waste management, non-food uses of poultry, and pet/livestock feeds. When considering the global marketplace, poultry refers to any domesticated avian species, and poultry products can range from a slaughtered carcass to a highly refined product such as a frankfurter or nugget. However, because they dominate the market, chicken and turkeys will be the focus of this book. The common classes of commercial poultry are summarized in Table 1.1. The reader should remember that specific numeric processing conditions in this book are for illustrative purposes and that these conditions may vary between processors. The aims of this book are both to instruct the user in what steps/conditions are used for processing poultry and to explain why things are done that way. Poultry Meat Processing PDF will enable the reader to evaluate problem situations and develop possible solutions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Poultry Meat Processing

Chapter 2 Preslaughter Factors Affecting Poultry Meat Quality

Chapter 3 First Processing: Slaughter through Chilling

Chapter 4 Second Processing: Parts, Deboning, and Portion Control

Chapter 5 Poultry Meat Inspection and Grading

Chapter 6 Packaging

Chapter 7 Meat Quality: Sensory and Instrumental Evaluations

Chapter 8 Microbiological Pathogens: Live Poultry Considerations

Chapter 9 Poultry-Borne Pathogens: Plant Considerations

Chapter 10 Spoilage Bacteria Associated with Poultry

Chapter 11 Functional Properties of Muscle Proteins in Processed Poultry Products

Chapter 12 Formed and Emulsion Products

Chapter 13 Coated Poultry Products

Chapter 14 Mechanical Separation of Poultry Meat and Its Use in Products

Chapter 15 Marination, Cooking, and Curing of Poultry Products

Chapter 16 A Brief Introduction to Some of the Practical Aspects of the Kosher and Halal Laws for the Poultry Industry

Chapter 17 Processing Water and Wastewater

Chapter 18 Quality Assurance and Process Control .


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