Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks

Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks PDF

By Victoria Miller and Jeannette Beranger

Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks PDF. Houdan. Nankin. Indian Runner. Naragansett. These may sound like exotic place names or unusual varieties of produce, but each actually refers to one of the many hundreds of lesser-known poultry breeds that tempt the livestock owner who’s prepared to venture into less familiar territory. Providing an alternative to commercial breeds and hybrids, heritage breeds each boast their own unique set of characteristics and personality traits, and are a valuable (and entertaining) addition to a sustainable food system.

Pure Poultry is the first book in nearly a hundred years to focus specifically on heritage breeds of chickens, turkeys, and ducks and their role in a self-reliant lifestyle. This timely, beautifully illustrated resource includes:

  • Detailed guidelines on everything from housing, breeding, and day-to-day care, to processing, cooking, and preserving
  • Much-needed information on using heritage breeds for egg and meat production
  • Tips, inspiration, recommended reading, and additional resources
  • A unique planning worksheet that simplifies the process of starting out with poultry

Brimming with quiet humor, Pure Poultry is an immensely readable “how-to and why-to” based entirely on personal experience—including plenty of lessons learned the hard way. Pure Poultry shows how heritage-breed poultry can enhance and deepen anyone’s quality of life, whether you have a farm, a small backyard, or a neighbor with space to share.

Table of Contents

1. When Good People Get Poultry
2. Another Beautiful Day in Paradise
3. Daydreams
4. A Slippery Slope: Which Comes First, the Chickens or the Homework?
5. A Rooster Called Charlemagne
6. Poultry from Scratch
7. Turkeys Are People Too
but They’re Not Chickens
8. Everybody Look Busy
Here Come the Ducks!
9. Violet, Bumptious and Hampty
10. Heritage Turkeys and Chickens Are More Sustainable, and They Have More Fun
11. “The Mind of a Turkey”
12. Chicken Tractors and Slug Slurpers
13. Hunt and Peck: Putting Natural Foraging Behavior to Work
14. Turkeys and Chickens as Guard Animals?
15. Weasels Are Smaller Than You Think
16. Bobcats with Chicken Breath, and Other Bedtime Stories
17. Keeping the Ducks Safe at Night
18. Turkeys in the Canyon
19. Equal Rights for Unhatched Chicks
20. Keeping Poultry with Other Farmyard (and Backyard) Animals
21. Small Farm New Math: If (Chicken Tractor), Then (Pig Plow)
22. Farm-fresh Eggs: What’s the Big Deal?
23. Duck Eggs Are Delicious, and Great for Baking
24. Slaughtering and Processing Poultry
25. The Best Laid Schemes ..
26. How to Cook Your Heritage Turkey
27. Tastes Like Chicken: Making a Case for Heritage Chickens as Meat Birds
28. Pot Pies and Preservation
29. Egg Money
30. The Bigger Picture: Poultry in the Community
31. Chicken Coop for the Winter-hardy Soul
32. Back to Standard Time, Which the Birds Never Left
33. Warmth
34. Pure Poultry Premise #1: Purebred Birds Are More Sustainable
35. Pure Poultry Premise #2: Shorten the Food Chain
36. Pure Poultry Premise #3: Challenge the “Get Big or Get Out” Adage
37. Pure Poultry Premise #4: Have Fun!
38. Abundance and Gratitude
39. On Being Unplugged
40. Nesting
41. Tomorrow
Appendix A: Poultry from Scratch Worksheet
Appendix B: Resources

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