Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion Equine Theriogenology PDF.

Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion Equine Theriogenology

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion Equine Theriogenology PDF

By Carla L. Carleton

Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion Equine Theriogenology PDF provides quick access to essential information on common techniques and conditions in equine reproductive practice. Part of the popular Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult series, this resource builds on the reproduction section of Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Equine to present expanded theriogenology coverage with clinical photographs. With information ranging from artificial insemination and fetal sexing to parentage testing and vaccination programs, the book offers 158 similarly formatted chapters to help practitioners efficiently manage reproductive health in the mare and stallion and confidently treat fetal and neonatal patients.

Table of Contents
Section 1 Mare.
Chapter 1 Abnormal Estrus Intervals (Carole C. Miller).
Chapter 2 Abortion, Induction of (Elective Termination) (Ahmed Tibary).Chapter 3 Abortion, Spontaneous, Infectious (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 4 Abortion, Spontaneous, Noninfectious (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 5 Agalactia/Hypogalactia (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 6 Anatomy of the Mare, Reproductive Review (Ahmed Tibary and Jacobo Rodriguez).

Chapter 7 Anestrus (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 8 Artifi cial Insemination (Maria E. Cadario).

Chapter 9 Behavior: Estrus Scoring System (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 10 Behavior of Mares, Poor Reproductive Performance (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 11 Broad Ligament Hematoma (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 12 Breeding Soundness Examinations of Mares (Carla L. Carleton and Gary J. Nie).

Chapter 13 Cervical Abnormalities (Maria E. Cadario).

Chapter 14 Clitoral Enlargement (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 15 Cloning (Dirk K. Vanderwall and Gordon L. Woods).

Chapter 16 Conception Failure in Mares (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 17 Contagious Equine Metritis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 18 Contraception in the Mare (Jacobo Rodriguez and Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 19 Delayed Uterine Involution (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 20 Donkey Reproduction (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 21 Dystocia (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 22 Early Embryonic Death (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 23 Eclampsia (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 24 Embryo Transfer (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 25 Endometrial Biopsy (Maria E. Cadario).

Chapter 26 Endometritis (Maria E. Cadario).

Chapter 27 Estrous Cycle, Manipulation, Synchronization (Gary J. Nie and Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 28 Estrus Detection, Fundamentals (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 29 Fescue Toxicosis (Karen E. Wolfsdorf).

Chapter 30 Fetal Sexing, Early (Sandy Curran).

Chapter 31 Foal Heat/Postpartum Breeding (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 32 High-Risk Pregnancy (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 33 History Form, Mare (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 34 Hydrops Allantois/Amnion in the Mare (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 35 Large Ovary Syndrome (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 36 Leptospirosis (Jane E. Axon).

Chapter 37 Mammary Gland, Normal (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 38 Mammary Gland, Mastitis (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 39 Mammary Gland, Lactation (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 40 Miniature Horse Reproduction (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 41 Mare Nutrition (Sarah L. Ralston).

Chapter 42 Ovulation Failure (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 43 Ovulation, Induction of (Patrick M. McCue).

Chapter 44 Ovulation, Synchronization (Jacobo Rodriguez and Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 45 Parturition (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 46 Parturition Induction (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 47 Perineal Lacerations, Recto-Vaginal Vestibular Fistulas (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 48 Placental Basics (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 49 Placental Insuffi ciency (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 50 Placentitis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 51 Pneumovagina/Pneumouterus (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 52 Postpartum Care of the Mare and Foal (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 53 Postpartum Metritis (Maria E. Cadario).

Chapter 54 Pregnancy Diagnosis (Carla L. Carleton and Margo Macpherson).

Chapter 55 Premature Placental Separation (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 56 Prepubic Tendon Rupture (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 57 Prolonged Diestrus (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 58 Prolonged Pregnancy (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 59 Pseudopregnancy (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 60 Pyometra (Maria E. Cadario).

Chapter 61 Rectal Tears (Gary J. Nie and Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 62 Retained Fetal Membranes (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 63 Superovulation of the Mare (Patrick M. McCue).

Chapter 64 Teratoma (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 65 Transrectal Palpation (Carla L. Carleton and Gary J. Nie).

Chapter 66 Twin Pregnancy (Carla L. Carleton and Margo L. Macpherson).

Chapter 67 Urine Pooling/Urovagina (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 68 Uterine Inertia (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 69 Uterine Torsion (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 70 Vaccination Protocols, Mare (Judith V. Marteniuk).

Chapter 71 Vaginal Prolapse (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 72 Vaginitis and Vaginal Discharge (Walter R. Threlfall and Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 73 Vulvar Conformation (Walter R. Threlfall and Carla L. Carleton).

Section 2 Stallion.

Chapter 74 Abnormal Scrotal Enlargement (Margo L. Macpherson).

Chapter 75 Abnormal Testicular Size (Margo L. Macpherson and Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 76 Anatomy, Reproductive, Stallion Review (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 77 Breeding, Managing Penile Paralysis (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 78 Breeding Phantom/Dummy, Selection, Fit and Use (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 79 Breeding Soundness Examination, Stallion (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 80 Castration (Alfred B. Caudle).

Chapter 81 Castration, Henderson Technique (Alfred B. Caudle).

Chapter 82 Contraception, Stallion (Ahmed Tibary and Jacobo Rodriguez).

Chapter 83 Cryptorchidism (Jane Barber and Philip E. Prater).

Chapter 84 Dourine (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 85 Hemospermia (Margo L. Macpherson and Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 86 History Form, Stallion (Carla L. Carleton).

Chapter 87 Inguinal Herniation/Rupture (Philip E. Prater).

Chapter 88 Nutrition (Sarah L. Ralston).

Chapter 89 Paraphimosis (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 90 Parentage Testing (Kathryn Graves and Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 91 Penile Lacerations (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 92 Penile Paralysis (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 93 Penile Vesicles, Erosions, and Tumors (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 94 Phimosis (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 95 Priapism (Carole C. Miller).

Chapter 96 Reproductive Effi ciency, Evaluation of Records (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 97 Semen, Chilled (for Transport) (Rolf E. Larsen).

Chapter 98 Semen Collection Techniques (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 99 Semen Evaluation, Routine (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 100 Semen Cryopreservation, Managing the Freezing Ability of Stallion Semen (Ahmed Tibary and Jacobo Rodriguez).

Chapter 101 Semen Evaluation, Abnormalities (Jacobo Rodriguez and Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 102 Semen Extenders (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 103 Semen, Frozen, Artifi cial Insemination (Rolf E. Larsen).

Chapter 104 Seminal Vesiculitis (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 105 Sperm Accumulation/Stagnation (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 106 Spermatogenesis and Factors Affecting Sperm Production (Rolf E. Larsen and Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 107 Testicular Biopsy (Walter R. Threlfall).

Chapter 108 Vaccination Protocols, Stallion (Judith V. Marteniuk).

Section 3 Fetal/Neonatal.

Chapter 109 Acute Renal Failure (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 110 Angular Limb Deformities (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 111 Botulism (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 112 Cardiovascular Congenital Anomalies (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 113 Cataracts (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 114 Coloboma of the Eyelid (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 115 Congenital Disorders in Foals (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 116 Conjunctivitis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 117 Corneal Ulceration (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 118 Delayed Ossifi cation of the Cuboidal Bones (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 119 Diarrhea (Bacterial): Clostridium difficile (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 120 Diarrhea (Bacterial): Clostridium perfringens (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 121 Diarrhea (Bacterial): Salmonella (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 122 Diarrhea (Viral): Rotavirus (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 123 Disorders of Sexual Development (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 124 Entropion (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 125 Fetal Evaluation (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 126 Fetal Gender Determination, Equine (Stefania Bucca and Andrea Carli).

Chapter 127 Fetal Stress, Distress, and Viability (Tim J. Evans).

Chapter 128 Flexor Contracture and Tendon Laxity (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 129 Foal Nutrition (Sarah L. Ralston).

Chapter 130 Foal Vaccination Protocols (Judith V. Marteniuk).

Chapter 131 Gastric Ulceration (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 132 Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 133 Idiopathic Tachypnea (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 134 Lethal White Syndrome (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 135 Meconium Aspiration (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 136 Meconium Impaction (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 137 Meningitis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 138 Microphthalmia (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 139 Necrotizing Enterocolitis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 140 Neonatal Disease, Overview (Ahmed Tibary).

Chapter 141 Neonatal Evaluation (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 142 Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (Ahmed Tibary and Kathryn Graves).

Chapter 143 Occipito-Atlantal-Axial Malformation (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 144 Omphalophlebitis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 145 Osteomyelitis (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 146 Patent Urachus (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 147 Pericarditis/Pericardial Effusion (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 148 Pneumonia, Bacterial (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 149 Pneumonia, Viral (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 150 Pneumothorax (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 151 Polydactyly (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 152 Rib Fractures (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 153 Septic Arthritis (Infective Arthritis) (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 154 Small Intestinal Accident (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 155 Trauma (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 156 Ultrasound Assessment of Feto-Placental Well-Being, Mid- to Late Gestation (Stefania Bucca and Andrea Carli).

Chapter 157 Uroperitoneum (Peter R. Morresey).

Chapter 158 Uveitis (Peter R. Morresey).


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