Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management, 5th Edition

By Mina C G Davies Morel

Equine Reproductive Physiology Breeding and Stud Management 5th Edition PDF provides a thorough grounding in equine reproductive anatomy and physiology for equine, animal and veterinary science students. Including all aspects of breeding and stud management, it contains detailed coverage on the management of mares, stallions and foals, as well as stud management practicalities such as infertility, artificial insemination and advanced reproductive techniques.

  • Practical, stud management applications underpinned by scientific research;
  • New material on techniques and advances such as in vitro embryo production, cloning, transgenics and DNA technology;
  • Increased pedagogic features such as video links, glossary, review questions, and a new internal design.

Updated throughout with new references, this textbook continues to provide an authoritative treatise of equine reproduction for students, practising veterinary surgeons and stud managers.

Table of Contents

Section A: Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Mare

Chapter 1: Mare Reproductive Anatomy

Chapter 2: Control of Reproduction in the Mare

Chapter 3: Pregnancy

Chapter 4: Parturition

Chapter 5: Lactation

Section B: Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Stallion

Chapter 6: Stallion Reproductive Anatomy

Chapter 7: Control of Reproduction in the Stallion

Section C: Management of the Broodmare

Chapter 8: Selection of the Mare for Breeding

Chapter 9: Preparation of the Mare for Breeding

Chapter 10: Management of the Mare at Mating

Chapter 11: Management of the Pregnant Mare

Chapter 12: Management of the Mare at Parturition

Chapter 13: Management of the Mare during Lactation and at Weaning

Chapter 14: Infertility in the Mare

Section D: Management of the Stallion

Chapter 15: Selection of the Stallion for breeding

Chapter 16: Preparation of the Stallion for Breeding and Mating Management

Chapter 17: General Stallion Management

Chapter 18: Infertility in the Stallion

Section E: Management of the Foal

Chapter 19: Management of the Young Foal

Chapter 20: Management of Weaning and Youngstock

Section F: Assisted Reproductive technologies

Chapter 21: Artificial Insemination

Chapter 22: Embryo Transfer

Chapter 23: Advanced reproductive Techniques

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