Viral Vectors in Veterinary Vaccine Development: A Textbook

Viral Vectors in Veterinary Vaccine Development: A Textbook PDF

By Thiru Vanniasinkam, Suresh K. Tikoo and Siba K. Samal

Viral Vectors in Veterinary Vaccine Development: A Textbook PDF introduces readers to the development of viral vectors and discusses their application in veterinary vaccinology. It offers comprehensive information on the latest advances in this emerging research field, together with a broad overview of the history of veterinary vaccines and viral vectors. The book also addresses issues concerning funding, translational research and ethics that will impact the future development, manufacture and global use of viral vector-based veterinary vaccines.

The book addresses the needs of graduate students and researchers in the fields of Veterinary Medicine, Virology and Immunology. ​

  • Teaches the fundamentals of veterinary gene therapy
  • Discusses theory and practice of viral vector design
  • Presents the latest developments in the field

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Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Viral Vector Vaccine Development

Introduction to Veterinary Vaccines

What Is Required to Develop a Viral Vector Vaccine: Key Components of Vaccine-Induced Immune Responses

Viruses and the Evolution of Viral Vectors

The Role of Adjuvants in the Application of Viral Vector Vaccines

DNA Virus Vectors

Adenovirus Vectors

Poxvirus Vectors

The Construction and Evaluation of Herpesvirus Vectors

RNA Virus Vectors

Paramyxoviruses as Vaccine Vectors

Rhabdoviruses as Vaccine Vectors for Veterinary Pathogens

Coronaviruses as Vaccine Vectors for Veterinary Pathogens

Alphavirus-Based Vaccines

Application of Viral Vector Vaccines, Challenges and Future Directions

Manufacturing and Control of Viral Vectored Vaccines: Challenges

Regulatory Strategies and Factors Affecting Veterinary Viral Vector Development

Emerging Viral-Vectored Technology: Future Potential of Capripoxvirus and African Swine

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