Allergies and Hypersensitivity Disease in Animals

Allergies and Hypersensitivity Disease in Animals

By Ian Tizard

Allergies and Hypersensitivity Disease in Animals PDF provides an all-in-one review of allergic diseases in dogs, cats, horses, and livestock species. Addressing this growing problem, the book covers key topics such as signs of allergies and hypersensitivity disease, the route by which antigens enter the body, the major mediators of allergies, allergic reactions including anaphylaxis and atopic and contact dermatitis, and diagnosis and treatment. Written by noted veterinary author Ian R. Tizard, this evidence-based reference includes an enhanced eBook with print purchase, with access to a fully searchable version of the text available on a variety of devices. It’s a must-have for every veterinary practice!

  • Advanced immunology reference highlights the essential topics relating to veterinary allergies and hypersensitivity.
  • Comprehensive coverage provides a single-source review of allergic diseases in dogs, cats, horses and livestock species.
  • Clear guidelines are provided for treatment protocols and diagnostic procedures, all based on the latest pathogenesis studies.
  • Expert author Ian R. Tizard is a well-established veterinary writer who is world-renowned on the topic of vaccinations, immunology, and allergies in veterinary medicine.
  • Consistent organization for each chapter – Introduction, Pathogenesis, Allergens, Clinical Disease, Diagnosis, and Treatment – supports evidence-based veterinary care.
  • Basic science chapters are useful for exam review and as clinical companion resources.
  • Enhanced eBook provides access to a fully searchable version of the entire text, making it available on a variety of devices, and is included with each new print purchase.
Table of Contents

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Title page
Section 1. Basic Science
1. The immune system and the defense of the body

2. Type 2 immune responses

3. Mast cells
4. Eosinophils and basophils

5. The mediators of inflammation and allergy

6. The itch-scratch cycle

7. The hygiene hypothesis

Section 2. Allergic Diseases

8. Anaphylaxis

9. Atopic dermatitis

10. Malassezia and staphylococci

11. Allergies in the gastrointestinal tract

12. Allergies to arthropods

13. Allergic respiratory disease

14. Drug allergies

15. Allergies to vaccines

Section 3. Treatments

16. Allergen-specific immunotherapy

17. Drug therapy

Section 4. Other Hypersensitivities

18. Type III hypersensitivity diseases

19. Selected type IV hypersensitivities

20. Diagnostic assays

21. Allergies in veterinarians

Abbreviations and acronyms


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